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Homecoming (Micro Fic)

Postby Hfar on Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:29 pm

Third Moon, Day 28, Year 1108

Home. After a long and grueling march the Tei'kaliath warband was home. Niar smiled as they walked through the familiar gates of the great wall. Even though it had only been two weeks, it felt like months since he had laid eyes on the steadfast towers and red tiled roofs of Ama'varde. Slowly the army began to dissipate as the each of the various groups goes to report to their various posts. Niar knew that he would have to make a report to Elif but for now he had other business to attend to.

As he made his way to the Sekai family manor, Niar took a look down at his clothes. By now they had become torn and stained with splotches of blood and soot from the battle and he imagined the rest of him looked like a right good mess. For a moment he contemplated going to the public bathes but before he could head back, Niar realized he was already home.

And there they were; Ni'ainu playing in the courtyard with an ear to ear grin and Jan'avin sitting serenely on the lip of the fountain, her raven and crimson hair shining in the midday sun. All of a sudden Nia spotted Niar and her already wide grin seemed to grow three times as large.

"Daddy! Mommy look! Daddy's home!"

Jana looked up as Nia pelted towards her father. Smiling, Jana got up and dusted her skirt off. Niar could see the faint glisten of tears as Jana slowly approached.

"Welcome home love."

Niar gave a warm smile and tousled his daughter's hair as she glomped his leg. "It's good to be back."

And from that moment on, Niar knew in his heart of hearts that he would never leave either of them ever again.

We shall settle this in the ancient way. WITH A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME!
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