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Chrono's idle wonderings (Fanfic)

Postby cHr0n0sPh3r3 on Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:19 am

Hi thar!
Some might have seen me hanging around the shoutbox generally not contributing, but seeing the airship I got some ideas.

So I'll be dumping the fruits of that here. Here be shorts and stuff, feel free to read, comment or whatever, all the gesturing and stuff to say that DT ain't mine, and stuff like that, enough blabbering about that I wanna write!


Wind blasted past Shen's ears and for the second time that day he wondered why he was doing this.

As the ground rushed up to greet the Tei'Kaliath scout he found himself wondering how he had come to this situation.


Shen yawned as he rolled out of bed and stretched.
Today was the day, it had been weeks of hard work and training, but finally he was about to become one of the first Tei'Kaliath Para-scouts. He'd been an explorer for years before now, but with the airship completed the explorers had decided to form up the scouts again in a more... offensive role
The idea had been played with for a while, but today would the first test of the parachutes.
Among a few others Shen was part of a select few scouts that had volunteered to jump from over a hundred metres in the air.
Despite having lived in Ama'varde from its conception Shen never quite got over the endless sky, having survived in the underworld for the time that he did didn't help either.

Today he was going to be falling out of that wide blue expanse.


The paratrooper's suit was a bulky thing, well insulated and padded to ensure the dropper wouldn't freeze on their way down. This did little to assuage the growing sense of dread and the overpowering vertigo Shen felt as he stared over the side of the airship into the lands below, were he feeling calmer he was sure he'd much like to enjoy the scenery arrayed before him, but again, in a few moments he would be running and taking a literal leap of faith.
The Tei'Kaliath pattern parachute was great and Shen had absolute faith in the crafters that had woven the chute, but there was no accounting for everything, even the crafters had doubts about the project. He shivered through all the padding he had on and took one last look at the vista before turning back towards the rest of the scouts.


Shen looked straight ahead, at the horizon where the sky reached down to meet the earth and where he was currently running towards. The deck of the airship shuddered under his steps and suddenly it vanished, replaced by open air and the most delightful feeling of weightlessness...
Reality though objected, wrenching Shen's senses back and the awful falling sensation hit him like a falling block of rock.
The peaceful fluttering that had just filled his ears turned into a high pitched whistle and he felt the wind pick up around him as his body began the descent.
With a yelp of fear Shen dropped through the sky, towards the lands below.

Annnd thats all I got down for now
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