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PTP Story

Postby Celice on Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:52 am

Just a quick thing I wrote to entertain :3 Pointless silly discussions between members of the house I'm in :3

“If you smother it with more sauce does it still make it a good sandwich or is it merely the distribution of sauce to bread that makes it?” Picket asked poking at the sandwich in front of him.

Shiir paused chewing the bite in his mouth before swallowing, “Does it really matter?” He sighed before setting his sandwich down, “Well if you must know I like the sauce. More would make it a better sandwich,”

“Yes but what if it is just a bit and not a smothering?” Picket asked, “You might ruin a good thing if you put on too much,”

The warmaster shook his head, “You can't have too much sauce. It's like”

“Shiir's abs. You can NEVER get enough,” Ilrae said with a straight face that threatened to break into giggles. She took a seat next to Shiir who only gave a slight roll of his eyes but his grin betrayed what he really thought.

Picket snickered a bit and one could tell just by looking at him that he wanted to say something inappropriate but he held his tongue and lifted the sandwich in front of him up at last.

“So Elif and I leave for a second and you two start to philosophize about food. Looks like someone needs more to think about,” Ilrae said with a false stern attitude.

“But what is thinking? What is the sandwich. What is to say it is not merely a salad between slices of bread or in the far off overworld a contraption used to lure drow into well placed traps, “Picket said giving a dramatic toss of his head, “Truly dear Aunt Ilrae you cannot see the complexity that is a sandwich,”

Elif took a seat next to her nephew shaking her head and giving his ear a tug, “ the only complex concept you can think off is how to make a nuisance of yourself,”

“You wound me Aunt Elif! Both my most cherished aunts now turning against me!” he sighed ,” Oh how this world continues to mock my genius of words and poetry that I draw from the masters...”

“Well if we ever need a poetry master I'll know who to nominate,” Shiir said with a grin taking another bite of his sandwich, “Next time we will just have you woe the enemy with your pretty tongue,”

“I could do it but Ilrae is the one with the tongue according to Elif,” Picket said sneakily causing the blue haired woman to blush. Elif frowned and gave Picket another tug on his ear. Shiir just laughed shaking his head at Elif's cheeky nephew.

“Watch the mouth Picket or else I'll have to find to defend Ilrae's honor, “ Shiir said in a mock serious tone.

“In a battle of strength you could break me over your knee and send me from one end of Chel'El'Sussoloth to the other, in a battle of words my three inch weapon can destroy the foundations of mighty kingdoms!” Picket said sitting back taking another bite of his sandwich.

Elif sighed, “Ignore my nephew. As of late he has been getting awfully mouthy,”

Ilrae grinned, “Brorn's corrupted another one I say. Only our illustrious keeper of the sacred bottle has come up with such pretty prose,”

Picket went to something but stopped after getting a sharp look from Elif. He grinned sheepishly sinking down a few inches to avoid the look. Shiir chuckled, “Yet no weapon is more dangerous then Elif's gaze,”

The head healer turned to fix the warmaster with the same look and Shiir gave a sheepish grin as well rubbing the back of his head, “ is true. It is why you went to war with us. No one can escape that lethal gaze,”

“She might as well be shooting lasers from her eyes,” Ilrae said smiling, “But that is why she is the head healer. How else are we going to keep head strong warriors in bed for more then a moment?”

“Well...”Shiir said leaning in close, “You and Elif know a few ways to keep me in bed...”

Picket nearly choked on his sandwich leaning over trying to hold in the laughter while the other three looked at him wondering what he found amusing. He only shook his head and waved them away sitting back with a look on his face that was somewhere between amused and secretive.

Shiir frowned and was about to start grilling Picket for whatever the boy had going around his head when Elif cleared her throat,” It wouldn't have been much of a victory without our warmaster's strategy and the skills of our warriors,”

Ilrae nodded and snuggled Shiir's arm keeping the warmaster from bringing his sandwich up for another bite,” His abs kept them at bay didn't they?” she said jokingly.

Picket chuckled and picked up his cup,” to the abs of Shiir and his sparkling profile that gleams in the darkest hour. To the Tei'Kaliath clan that no matter what will be able to beat back any threat for the honor of our dashing and lovely Ilhar! “

Elif slapped a hand on Picket's mouth rolling her eyes, “And he can do this while he is sober I'm afraid of what he may say do while he is drunk!” Elif grumbled.
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Re: PTP Story

Postby Runes on Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:09 pm

Hehehehe, excellent <3 Picket cracks me up XD
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