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Poetic justice! The duel of verbs!

Postby Whizzard on Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:23 am

A thread for quick poems about TK happenings, everyday life or people! As I noticed people do like to make poems in shoutbox. ^^;

Laerei walks on the stage and coughs. This is a little poem that started as praise to the mana specialists but turned into a poem about situation at hand, here it comes!

Our dear mana specialists of doom, blew up the Dva'raka gates with a boom!
Warriors poured in and kicked ass for the win,
killing all combatants is not a sin.

"Where's you head at, you old stinky bat?"
Demanded Shiir, "She ain't here!"
responded the civilians poor when blocked was the building's door.

"What should we do now, take down the head how?"
"Maybe demand a duel to feed the veins with adrenaline fuel?"
"Or take the room with storm, it's just another combat form."

"Better yet, I've got an idea that makes me wet!"
"What is then?" "Let's drop a building on them!"
Tei'kaliath arguing rises tensions high but at least Dva'raka knows that the end is nigh.

I'm not a poet btw, it just happened.
The challenge is to make a better. But there is no prize, just pure fun.
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