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About the Theatre - Read before you post ^_^

Postby Thalar on Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:08 pm

The Theatre is a place for all Tei'kaliaths to be creative! Tell your clanmates a story, or show them a piece of art you've made.
This is the place for fanfics, for pictures, and for all Tei'kaliath-related artistic endeavours.
I hope I don't have to add that you have to have made the stuff and written the story yourself unless you note otherwise (showing off a commission is fine as long as you tell us who made it!) ;)

Fanfics are generally considered non-canon, so you're allowed to have a little fun with exploring possibilities. Please label fanfics with " Fanfic: " in the topic name :)
Please ask people before using their characters in a fanfic! Also, please avoid explicit sexual content. ^^

As for pictures: If you've drawn something which features nudity or explicit sexual content in some way, anything that might be considered "mature"; Don't put the image itself in the thread, just place a link to it and a warning about the content. We have members of all ages down to about 13 in PtP so please keep that in mind :)

Also, this is not a place for discussions, so please keep those out of the Theatre *smallsmile*
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