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Fanfic - The Unwritten

Postby thealbinobutterfly on Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:53 am

[ a three way collaborative effort between Xenon, Sun'Alver and Dsieda, in that order. If anyone wanted to join, they are welcome to add their story, but of course it would have to follow the flow of the story itself, keeping in with the 'the faceless empath is reading your thoughts, memories and feelings' and in the end have it go with 'Faceless' walking away. This is open to change if anyone wanted to join in for more than a post.]

[The story is about a faceless empath in the pilgrimage through the Exodus. He can see people's memories, feelings, and thoughts. He talks to three, taking their stories and learning more about them. As the group travels through the Exodus, the faceless becomes more obsessed with learning the three's stories, hoping to all write it down, but will he get that chance?]


The smell of cloth is a unique smell. Earthy, like wet cedar, but depending on what type of cloth, you could get the arborous smell of cotton, or the processed smell of denim.

The smell of cloth was a familiar smell, as was the smell of stinky Verdigris, chalky grounded lapis lazuli, animal blood and sappy Gamboge. All rare and expensive ingredients used to dye, all of which were pooled in the back of the store.

"have you ever seen rainbows, xe-xe?"

Soft as silk and nurturing, The low rumble came with a gentle rasp. Warm and familiar from the day she was born, It was the voice of her father.

"no, poppa." she said, turning and opening her eyes.

The shop was bright and shiny. From ceiling to roof there were rows upon rows of rolled cloth, dyed to every hue of the rainbow. Clothes stood at the front on display, hanging stylishly from mannequins that had no face. The walls were painted purple and green, the front windows large and paned with glass, had the words 'Neputae' penned in a flourish script of gold.

The front desk was manned by a drow male, his blue hair hanging long and braided. Beads hung in his hair, all colors of the rainbow. He had a small nose with almond shaped eyes of green, beutifully framed with a heart-shaped face. Lips, that always looked on the verge of a smile. His outfit was simple peasant fare, but the cloth was of high quality linen. Her father.

"I've got a surprise for your birthday." he said, smiling, leaning on the counter, looking down at his little girl. The love in his eyes was apparent.

"Tell me! oh please?"

the man held up his hands and looked away, feigning aggrieviated pain. "ahh, i can't."

"oh please, pretty please poppa!! can i have a hint?"

the male looked back with mischeivousness in his eyes, a grin on his face that was infectious, like he had a secret to the world's happiness.

"Rainbows, little xenon."

The image faded and the scene changed to the smell of grass and rain. The feeling of cold was overwritten by the feeling of awe. Tears stung and poured down cheeks, as a heart bloomed as it only can bloom when love is found.

the rain poured, the thunder rolled, but the only thing Xenon could stare at, was a small rainbow in the sky.

and xenon looked to her father, and xenon looked to her mother. her mother, a woman of auburn hair and ice blue eyes, who looked much like xenon.

"if you want rainbows..." her mother said to her, as her father put a hand on her shoulder. "you've got to put up with the rain." her father finished, hugging her.

The image faded away, and the pain of life came crashing down, like shards of a mirror.

The man woke, and looked and saw nothing but darkness. He was blind in this darkness, and only the sounds of hundreds of others waking reached him, as did the cries of young and old. He let loose a shuddering breath. Another shared dream, another shared memory that wasn't his own. Someone was dreaming of their past, and their name was Xenon.

such warm memories, but the stink of death was sharp here. Nothing but the smell of excrement met with the smell of rotting flesh.

the exodus, their pilgramage.

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Re: Fanfic - The Unwritten

Postby Sun'Alver on Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:31 am

There was no way in knowing how long the so called ‘rest’ actually was, but my body still throbbed in dull pain and my head barked its desire for more sleep. Only my mind would accept the reality that no matter what my pampered body called out, the truth of the matter was that I would have to move with the others now or risk being left behind. While some around me grumbled in fruitless irritation, I put on the shirt that I had used as my pillow and the coat that I had used for my blanket and made my way toward the droves of people already continuing this hell of a march, this exodus to nowhere.

As a flock of hopeless beings we walked forth in this last hope, I tried my best to calm the silent yet powerful cries of pain coming from every fiber of my being. Despite reality, my body rejected the physical strains expected of it and it was only by the will of my spirit and logic of my mind that kept me going. That did precious little to comfort the said pain, however.

In a effort to distract my mind from the rebellion growing within, I found myself wondering about the dreams that now make habit of dominating whatever I see when I close my eyes for more than a minute. I see garbled tales of desires, memories, and fantasies creating a montage of chaos of which nothing was clear. Usually, it was impossible for me to tell what was from my own mind, or what was from the countless minds of others, brought to view in my mind thanks to my empathy. At least, back home that was the case.

Now I have found myself seeing deeper, and more clearly into the dreams of those around me, unintentionally violating them to see what haunts the heads of my fellow drow as they take advantage of what sleep they can claim. At that, I thought about the dream I just had, that happy little dream from the drowess, Xenon. So happy . . . so pure . . . a child perchance? Or was it now an adult seeking a moment respite in better days? At those thoughts, I thought about the dreams of yet others that have become clear to me during this pilgrim of last hope.

Whist in the middle of suppressing the urge to laugh at rather odd dream involving a male, a shoe, a pissed off female and a rather intelligent golem I heard something that brought my mind back to march.


Not sure what I heard, I quickly looked around me but with no clear source, no repeats of the sound, and no one seemingly having noticed the sound I wondered if I heard anything at all. But just as I was about to resume laughing at the expense of another’s dream, I heard the noise again.


The noise sounded like that of a small bell, although where it was coming from I could not say. It was actually odd that I could even hear it even though few people wasted the energy to talk the sounds of such a large group of people moving still drowned out most noise. I looked around myself, looking for the source of the noise but the effort proved fruitless. While I could not find the bell or its owner, dwelling on the rather insignificant incident reminded me of another drow’s memory turn dream, one that I had almost forgot.



“Still practicin’ my little Sun?”

Even without the warm, yet sarcastic voice of his mother, the familiar dinging of her bell was a greeting enough for the young male. Stopping his lone Ti’ray practice, he turned to face the warrior of a female that he called ‘Mom’ “Done drinkin’ already? How long have I been praticin’?” he remarked while wiping away a bit of sweat from his brow. The harden drowess chuckled at bit at the greeting and with closed fist jokingly hit her son in the head. “Very cute you little brat. I’ll remember that next time I need someone to clean everyone’s armor.” The two shared light laugh.

The drowess, smiling at something that was beyond the humor of the small joke, took off her necklace and with it the bell which she was known by. “Here, I want you to have this.”

The drow looked at the necklace, its simple chain and gold colored jingle bell and then looked at his mother as if waiting for the female to suddenly say ‘Just kidding’ at any moment. “ . . . You’re serious? But Mom, that’s your bell, I can’t take~” before Sun could voice any protest, his mother tossed the bell to her son.


Caught off guard both by the gift and the act of tossing it, Sun struggled to catch the bell and although he seceded in doing so, he lost his footing and end up on the ground. The woman just laughed and patted Sun’s head, “Well to late, it’s yours now my little Sun. It took ya 41 years but I think you tough enough . . . Do you hear something?”



Curious, to say the least about this “Sun’s” memory, but unfortunately the dream ended before anything else ended. A short little thing, cute but short . . . yet there seemed to be so much more he could not see and his empathy saw. A precious moment in the life of a male, so limited but I know there is more than this clip, this glimpse . . . but that I a pointless train of thought. For the moment, I must turn to other matters. Once again it was time to rest, a brief break that will last a hour at most. I wonder if it is wise to take a short nap . . .
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Re: Fanfic - The Unwritten

Postby Dsieda on Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:33 pm

How long would it be before I would encounter yet another dream or emotion that took over? Sometimes, this Empathy was a curse more than a blessing, just because I don't believe I've ever once dreamed about something that wasn't related to another person's emotions. That was alright though, I'm sure my dreams weren't all that great and to be honest, the memories and fantasies of others were far more interesting. So many people were gathered to sleep, some finding a secure place in the nook and crevices of large ruined structures, others cuddled with each other for warmth. It would seem like now would be a good time for rest, but I was surely afraid that, I'd encounter swarming pains of those who were, well, dreaming of this horrid exodus.

It took a while for me to get comfortable, but eventually, I found a spot where I could lean against a rock on the mountain side and get comfortable. There were so many people who wore tire on their faces, every moment or so, you'd hear about someone losing a loved one behind, and it wasn't until just a moment ago, my ears caught that very sound.

"No! Please let's go back! We can't leave her here or she'll die!" Cried the voice of a young woman. I turned my head to see where this was coming from, only because my curiosity was piked with the need to know.

"...Sis, she's going to die regardless, there's no way she can make it." This time, the voice of reason was coming from a male, not sounding too much older than the female who had spoken first. I tried to find the voices and there, my eyes met up with a pair, a short young drow female with, four beautiful braids that hung down nearly passed her waist, and the other was a taller, lean and yet muscular male who shared a lighter color hair pushed back into a pony tail. They shared a common resemblance in their features, it was quite certain they were related, despite the man calling her 'sis'.

"You don't know that," she whimpered, looking back towards the point where her mother was, lying with the other stragglers left to die. "She could get better, we just have to help her back up." As the girl spoke, it was obvious, she was losing faith in her own words, knowing good and well that, whoever she left back there, was going to die. "Mom never gave up on us... we..can't give up..." her words were showing the drain of energy left in her, the will to fight was slowly seeping passed her.

So, it was their mother they lost. What a shame really, so many lost parental figures on this journey, the ill, the weak, the poor, they were just barely surviving. More were to die before they'd make it, that was certain, and maybe somehow, this path would be the respected place for their souls to wander. The trail of the dead.

"Come, let's rest for a while. If you keep at it, you won't have enough strength to purge on in this march... we'll make it Dsieda, I promise." The girl seemed comforted by her brother, resting her head on his shoulder while they slumped together, not too far from myself. Yes, sleep, that sounded like... a very good thing right now.


A tall, lean and firmly built drow waited at the outside of his quaint little home, crossing his arms over his chest, holding something slender in his right hand. His bluish silver hair waved with every move he made, leaning from one side to another, just, waiting for the right moment. Where in the netherworld was she? It was suddenly he knew, he could feel a presence dawn on him, moving to one side as, a quick blurred image of another person dashed out, and just missed him. The man would look down to see the presence of the one trying to gain the initiative.

"Nice try Dsieda," he said with a hearty laugh, peering over at his daughter who was face first in the dirt. "I think after 34 years, I've started to gain a sense of your presence a bit more sharply." The girl rubbed her head, then turned around to see her father and laugh, patting out the dirt from her four braids.

"Aww, I almost had you, if I just had been a bit more-" she stopped, noting that there was something in her father's hand, something very shiny. Her eyes trailed to the workmanship and just stared in awe. The man could see just where his daughter's eyes were heading, and of course, he'd give into her curiosity, holding out the sheathed dagger. Her eyes would gleam, almost glowing with amazement. "F-father..." She said, unable to hold her breath much longer.

"This is the dagger that's been passed down for generations. It was given to the woman you are named after, my grand mother Dsie'da. She had such a fascination for weapons, mostly her sharp ones. She was a great hunter, and even better assassin..." He'd wink handing this to his daughter. What would possibly make him want to give this to her? Was she worthy enough? She would, pull the blade out of it's sheath, her eyes widening at the sight of it, seeing the glare back into her reflection. It was an old weapon, would need some work and tender loving care, but, it was in such great shape for being nearly 1000 years old. "Every drow who weild that blade had a great story to tell, and I'm sure, you're story would be another great chapter in the story of our family." The dagger was, like a book, written with nitches, blood, stains, and the people whose lives were taken by it. It was a heavy burden, but one she was willing to take.

"I don't know what to say," said the girl, whose starry eyes still never seemed to leave the reflective metal.

"There's no need for words, let your blade speak for you."


I woke with a grunt, having my arm kicked by a passer by, shaking me back to reality. How did I not know that I'd end up sharing a dream with at least one of those near me. I would look to the girl who was still tucked safely with her brother, noting that, right in her belt was... that same blade from the dream. These drow were really interesting people, all with stories that told of, sweet tender moments, or so... from the ones I've met so far. It wouldn't be long now till we'd have to move on, and I wonder, how many more stories will I get to hear, before we make it to the end.
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Re: Fanfic - The Unwritten

Postby AthenAltena on Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:36 pm

((Hope it's okay if I just add my little thing here. I've been dealing with writer's block lately and trying to do little things to get myself moving again))

Yet another memory came to me, this time from a young girl I’d seen out of the corner of my eye. It was her hair that made me recognize her, since there would be no mistaking that shade of green. There was much sorrow in her, but for now she was thinking about the happy times since she could not confront the heartache.


The girl yelped as the gold circlet in her hand collapsed in on itself and crumbled into a pile of gold bits. She groaned and tried in vain to reshape it using her mana, but it simply refused to hold together.

While she did this a short stocky male with dark grey hair looked up from across the table.

“Sorry Papa,” the girl said. “It happened again.”

He smiled kindly and moved the pile of gold bits to his side.

“You just need to keep working at it, Pretty Gem. You’re forcing it too much,” as he said this he held his hand over the pile, causing the bits to merge into a blob that he spun into a teardrop shape. “When you do it right it hardly feels like you’re doing anything.”

The girl made a face, but nodded and watched as her father bent it back into the correct shape.

“Why don’t you take a break?”
he said. “I think your mother needs you to deliver something for her.”

“Alright,” she said as she stood up from the worktable. She passed through the split curtain in the back of the shop and into the living area, where her mother was busy taking inventory at a small desk in the corner.

“Papa said you need me to deliver something,”
the girl said.

“Ah yes,”
the girl’s mother said, putting down her writing tablet and standing up. She reached up to one of the highest shelves and produced a small paper-wrapped package, which she handed to her daughter. “This needs to go to Hamon on Jade Street, first house on the left. It’s a birthday gift for his daughter.”

The girl nodded and trotted off down the street. This had been her life, I realized, but he could tell that even the memory of it was starting to fade.


I awoke again and saw the girl moving off with the group. Yet another day of this lay ahead for all of us.
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Re: Fanfic - The Unwritten

Postby thealbinobutterfly on Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:55 am

He winced and grabbed the bridge of his nose, pinching it.

It came as it always does, without warning:

Slowly the pain and hardship around him faded slowly into the smell of patchouli. He saw through her eyes, and saw the shop again. Those rows upon rows of varying textiles in every hue and shade. From floor to ceiling they went, and those mannequins, facelessy yet proudly displayed their fine and brightly embroidered finery in the window that read in gold script: Neputae.

He was excited, the girl!! the rainbows girl!! her family and life was so warm.

with excitement clashing with a feeling of sadness, he eagerly watched this vision.

Xenon was folding linen, and the sound of scissors cutting piqued her interest to look left.

her mother, a subtle beauty of auburn hair beaded in gems of varying splendance. A fine nose was lowered over silk, freshly treated with gold.

"How is the noble dress coming, mother?"

the woman looked up with shocking eyes of ice. It always made xenon blink, her mother's eyes were treasures on their own.

"Well, xexe." she answered, going back to her work.

a moment passed and xenon did not look away.

"..did... did you want any help... father taught me how to cut and-"

"I'm not letting you mess this one up. this is too important." the woman snapped.

he felt xenon's heart crush a bit, and the girl looked away, and went back to folding. Only the sounds of cutting cloth and folding filled the bright room, which suddenly had turned cold.

"you're still mad at me aren't you?" xenon said, her voice cracking and pathetic. shaky hands folded clothes and the sting of tears brought the hot drops of liquid on her hands.

the harsh voice of her mother cut through xenon's heart like those scissors through cloth. with precision.

"I'm only amazed that at your age you would do such a thing. We have raised you better. your father is avoiding you so he won't yell at you, but i'm not that shy. You want to know what we think? we think that- WAIT XENON!"

she had already thrown the clothes to the floor and burst through the front door, the shop bell jingling furiously as she pushed her way through the mass of people, crying loudly. People gave her stares of incredulousness,and mockery.

she didn't care, she hated them all. she hated her mother, she hated her father, she was just so full of hate she could PUKE!

she furiously shoved people aside, the sounds of her sadness replaced with a fury. many people swore at her as she ran, hurting anyone she could in her path, hoping to hurt more, just to let out her sickening anger.

then someone grabbed her hands, kicked the back of her knees, and she landed on the ground painfully. the shock cut through to her spine.

she breathed, and could not get air. the wind had been knocked out of her.

a face loomed over hers. The expression was one of caution, yet calculated. The face looked down at her, and raised a black eyebrow. the eyes were black as night, as were the heavy lashes. A fine nose, almost chisled from stone, as was the face. And the lips. for some reason, the lips made her stare, they were perfect.

the mouth moved, and a soft male voice brought the words.

"I thought the refined and cheerful daughter of Nepu did not succumb to violently rampaging through the streets. Won't her dance teacher weep."

Xenon still couldn't breathe, but she managed to say two words. "!"

The face smirked and condescended, even tilting that beautiful face on that beautiful neck.

"i would be someone who does not particularily like you, because you are so fake all the time. You always force yourself to smile and be happy with people, and i hate you. But i'm not cold hearted enough to let you keep hurting people when you have finally cracked and gone crazy."



"...don't... know..."

"of course you wouldn't, you prance around with only the cream of the groups, little miss popular." his tone was just so sarcastic and so mocking...

the pain was scary, being winded always was, it felt like you broke something and could never breathe again. But xenon was still mad. She shot out a fist, and somehow the pain faded.

the fist connected with his face, and he dropped, clutching it. she saw blood splatter on the stones of the streets.

she stared, agape. she didn't know why she just hit him.

and those black eyes seethed a glare up to her face, and the hand that clutched it's own face was covered in blood and revealed a sour mouth, one lip curled in anger. And then they were fighting, kicking, punching, grabbing, lots of failed grabbing, then she got a hold of hair and so did he, and they pulled, and fists hit.

"HEY break it up!" an older male voice commanded and they didn't stop. "BREAK IT UP OR I'LL BREAK JAWS!"

they stopped, both still grabbing hair and clothes, huffing. and they broke, to which Xenon yelled in his face.

"I dont even KNOW you and you think you can just JUDGE ME!"

"HEY i was trying to HELP you and you PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE YOU BI-"

people stepped in between them, two guys.

Xenon looked in the eyes of the guy facing her, and she peeked over his shoulder to look into the furious hating eyes of black.

everything was still on edge, and xenon just thought of what her mother would say, even more, what her father would say.

she felt something cold drip down into her heart and settle the hate slowly.



"I'm sorry." she said, and the two males blocking them from each other glanced at one another. was it over? could they go back to their own lives?

"i am. i know you probably hate me even more now but can you let me make it up to you? can i buy you something to eat? maybe a bandage?...that was a joke...sorry..." she said, and hid behind the guy, touching her face. there would be bruises.

"sure." he said over the two good samaritans.

the memory faded into xenon rubbing something on the males lip, and he cursed.

"sorry." she said, pulling back and using the same pad on her own face.

"OW STINGS!" she said, throwing it on the ground in reflex. the male laughed.

she smiled, but it hurt.

"so why were you mad?"

"... well i guess it doesn't matter what you think of me, we kinda beat each other up soo.. hahahaa!" she said, as he laughed with her.

" ehum... heh... well..." she began, and looked down, hugging her knees. "... everyone thinks i'm always so nice, that i'm always happy. but the truth is, i'm just an elf, you know? And i don't fake being happy, i prefer being happy, i love to laugh and hate it when people are so stuck up and sad..." she paused, and he let her continue.

"it's hard, though. There's times where i want to be mad, where i want to be furious or cry. But my parents are so perfect, so successful, it feels like i can't relate to them at all. They're just.. my parents. and sometimes i just try so hard to not make mistakes. Because i feel like i have to be like my parents, because i want to be successful and perfect too."

he remained silent and she felt tears sting her eyes, she looked away.

"but sometimes i do make mistakes, and.... well... i.... it was just so small, but i just was having a bad day and i spilled a bunch of ingredients on myself by accident and it was just ingredients like verdrigris but that's just so expensive and then i just sort of got mad and threw the cloth and it hit the other ingredients and spilled on this dress my mom was working on for a noble-"

she was interrupted by laughter. she furiously glared and had tears in her eyes.

"ITS NOT FUNNY my mom worked for WEEKS on it!"

"ahh hahahaha i know i'm SORRY ahhh haa ha haaaa!"

"what's so funny?!"

"it's just... ahaa haa!!! i can just see you having a conniption fit covered in GUNK and it just makes me LAUGH-"

Xenon was about to open her mouth and then thought about the mental image, and laughed too.

"well, it was pretty messy, i had green and blues all over my hair and face and my teeth were green cause i had opened my mouth to swear- hhahahaaaa!"

"GREEN TEETH oh my goddess-" he fell back into laughter.

it was a short laughter but he looked at her and gave a smile that he could with his split lip. she looked back at him.

"I'm glad you beat me up. I'm not perfect either. I was just as angry with you but i was bottling it up inside, it started to feel like i had a poison in me. I kinda picked on you, but.... i feel better now." he said, and hugged her.

she went stiff and was unsure about it.

"you hug bacccckkkk...." he said, and she snorted, smiled and hugged back. It wasn't weird or romantic. it was thankful.

"thanks dane. i feel better too." she said, and they pulled away.

"it's no problem. so what now? we go back to our lives... but what happens when i want to beat you up again?"

" you could just find me, i'll be running through the streets elbowing people and making donkey noises."

"Donkey noises?!"

"you know, WAHH uhh huh WAHHH"

"OMHIGOD hahahahaaaa!"

the scene faded away, and he tried to grip onto it. It was so much better than what was awaiting him, but it slipped away, little by little. He grabbed for anything he could, she had a home! she had food! she had family! all that awaited him was the putrid, FOUL exodus!!


and it was gone, and he was back to pinching his nose. He blinked furiously, and looked around.

Only people.

The stink of people. hundreds of them.

he hugged himself and walked forwards, back in march with the mass.
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Re: Fanfic - The Unwritten

Postby AthenAltena on Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:03 pm

((Just a fair warning that if you’ve been sexually assaulted this passage may trigger you, though I'd say it stays at about PG-13 level. I've had this idea for a while, and this'll probably be the last one I'll do assuming I don't come up with anything else.))

It was the green-haired girl again. He’d caught sight of her briefly, and that night he saw her life as it had been. She must have been in a particularly dark mood, since he could tell that he was about to see the most traumatic day of her life before the destruction of the city.


She’d been sent to the mine to find some specific gemstones her parents needed. It was a routine trip and had gone uneventfully every other time, but this time something was different.

As usual she met up with the head overseer and gave him a list of what was needed. But even as she read it off to him she felt eyes on her, and a glance out of the corner of her eye revealed a line of slaves with a chain connecting their collars, and one in particular had his black eyes fixed on her intently.

Once she’d given the list to the overseer he went deeper into the mine to see what he could find, and the girl was left alone with the chained up slaves. She was uncomfortable and decided to move towards the edge of the cavern and closer to the light, but unfortunately for her that one slave on the end had more give in his part of the chain than she expected, and before she knew it he’d grabbed hold of her and pulled her back.

“Look what I’ve got here!”
he said, and the other slaves laughed at his antics. “This one’s just like a little doll, don’t you think? I think I’ll take her home and play with her!”

She had frozen stiff with shock as he grabbed her, but it only lasted a moment as she started to struggle against him. He was much stronger than she was, and the weight and stench of him pressed in all around her. No matter how much she thrashed it didn’t discourage him in the least.

“LET ME GO!” she shrieked, hoping that someone would hear and come to her rescue.

“Do you hear that?” the slave said mockingly. “She wants me to let her go? Should I?”

The other slaves laughed and told him not to, and she felt him press his face against the side of hers so she could smell his rancid breath.

“Sorry darling, you’re outvoted.”

As she was struggling she remembered something he father had told her. “Just remember this, you may be small, but even the strongest man drops if you hit him in the right spot.”

She clenched her jaw and yanked one of her feet free, and with a small prayer she brought her foot back and kicked hard between his legs.

The yowl that immediately followed told her that it had connected, and in that moment of confusion and pain she leapt free of the man and bolted to the other side of the cavern, where she collapsed in a breathless heap. One of her braids had come undone in the struggle and caused the hair to hang in front of her face, and her clothing was disheveled and twisted. The other slaves heckled her and called her a variety of names, but she was too shocked to care, and just sat up and glared at them.

she shouted. The slaves seemed surprised at the volume of her voice and shut up.

“HEY!” the head overseer ran back in at the commotion and observed the situation for a moment. He clenched his jaw and brought down his whip with a crack on the back of the slave who’d assaulted her, which only made him yowl harder.

The head overseer spat in the direction of the slave and walked over to her, regret written across his features.

“I am so sorry miss; I will make sure that the culprit gets sent to a place worse than here.”

She nodded dumbly at what he said, not really registering it now that the adrenaline had worn off.

“Here, just take these,” he handed her a bag of gems and bowed his head. “You don’t need to pay for them. I am so so sorry.”

She walked home in silence, not even bothering to fix her hair or her clothing. When she came to her home her mother was at the front counter inspecting some of her wares, but as soon as she saw her daughter she dropped everything she was doing and rushed out to meet her.

“My dear, what happened?” she said, kneeling to look at her daughter’s face.

It was then that all the shock finally caught up to the girl, and all she could do was sob into her mother’s shoulder.


He awoke and clutched his arms around himself. He didn’t need that memory, especially not when he felt like his own body had been violated. He was tempted to find the girl and tell her that everything would be okay, but he didn’t want to have to explain to her how he knew about something that she had tried to forget.

He sighed and looked up at the ceiling of the cavern. Any more of this and he might go mad.
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