DrowWiki article (new): Shi'thua Jie'yen

DrowWiki article (new): Shi'thua Jie'yen

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First attempt to put the reference coding in the article - hope I didn't bork it too badly :(


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{{Shi'thua Jie'yen
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* Called by the title "Matriarch" instead of Illhar, according to Nuqrah'Shareh custom.


[[Category:Can be featured]]
<section begin=feature />Shi'thua Jie'yen is the Illhar of the structured and disciplined Jie'yen clan.<section end=feature />

==Appearance and Personality==
Shi'thua Jie'yen is a drowalath of average height, with long, pale lavender hair, light brown typical of most Nuqrah'shahreh residents and light grey eyes. Her attire consists of long, flowing robes of crimson and dark grey. On her head, she wears an elaborate headpiece with a crimson dragon's head and upper horns, and additional black horns forming a crest beneath it. Her face is covered with a sheer, transluscent veil.

The Jie'yen leader is calm, poised and calculating, as befits the clan's reputation. She showed disapproval at the arrival of the [[Vel'Sharen]] contingent during the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War, along with a distaste for the nether that tainted the outsiders.<ref>{{ChapterRef|34|13}}</ref> Shi'thua is loyal to her queen, [[Nega'fenae]], and readily pledged her clan's support for the Ill'haress for the sake of the region's stability. When discussing strategy, she showed a tendency towards ruthlessness, advising Nega'fenae that the heads of the factioners might appease the hearts of the beleaguered commoners.<ref>{{ChapterRef|34|14}}</ref>

==Biography - Arc II==
{{Main|Moonless Age Main Storyline}}
[[File:http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=8031|thumb|((pixel size you want))|Right|Nega'fenae and the Matriarchs discuss a plan to retake Nuqrah'shareh.]]

Nuqrah'shareh Civil War

After [[Balsii's]] coup to take control of Nuqrah'shareh from Nega'fena Val'Illhar'dro resulted in the Ill'haress' capture, Shi'thua's warriors worked with the Balvhakara clan to stage a rescue, bringing their queen to the Jie'yen Isle to regroup and recover. Five days later, [[Zala'ess Vel'Sharen]] arrived with five hundred of her bloodline to request support from Nega'fenae for her claim to the Imperial throne. Shi'thua welcomed them formally, expressing sorrow at the loss of [[Diva'ratrika]] and her wisdom. Upon Zala'ess' offer of support to Nega'fenae in order to take back Nuqrah'shareh, Shi'thua showed displeasure at the suggestion, stating that the Jie'yen could take back the palace without assistance from outsiders; part of her resistance was due to not wanting foreign interference in their currently chaotic region, but also due to the nether seeds that tainted the Sharen.

Shi'thua's reservations were dismissed by Nega'fenae, however, as the queen chose to hear Zala'ess out and then accepted her offer of an alliance. The newly allied force quickly sprang into action, infiltrating the Nuqrah'shareh palace by water. Several Jie'yen assassins slipped into the palace while the Sharen and Balvhakara assaulted Balsii's main force, allowing the small group to rescue the hostages still held within.<ref>{{ChapterRef|34|29}}</ref>

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==Notable Quotes==
"Presience has been proven true. And your red eyes are the reflection of the beast that infested you." - To Zala'ess Vel'Sharen, discussing her distrust of tainted beings.

"It is too late to appease the hearts of the people with food. Give them vengeance instead. The heads of the factionists could bring back the peace." - To Nega'fenae's war council, during the strategy meeting to retake Nuqrah'shareh.

==Character Concept==
Image:http://wiki.drowtales.com/images/f/fa/ClanJieyen.jpg|Official concept art for the Jie'yen clan.

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When I get the chance I will add this and the others I missed
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