DrowWiki articles (updates): Sul trio, Sharess

DrowWiki articles (updates): Sul trio, Sharess

Postby Zarannya » Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:21 pm

Sae'rali and Mae'rali
Status: Deceased

"Sharen Sibling Showdown at the Nal'Sarkoth Fortress"

After surviving the assault on Snadya'rune's tower, the three Sul sisters are found escorting Snadya'runes to a meeting with the Viri'sylvia Val'Nal'sarkoth regarding trade between Chel and Felde. The triplets taunted Shinae Vel'Sharen, forcing her to smile using their empathy (source 1). Shortly afterwards, an alert was sounded, announcing that the Nal'sarkoth compound was being invaded by an unknown intruder.

Snadya'runes quickly set her subordinates into motion, setting an ambush for the intruders, who turned out to be a party consisting of her sister, Nishi'kanta, her niece Chrys'tel, An'jin and Sara'hilana. During the ambush, Snadya's group was counter-ambushed, with the Sul sisters being surprised by a blast from Sara's mana cannon. Bae'rali took the brunt of the damage, allowing her sisters to escape the fight (source 2). They quickly moved to Snadya's quarters, where they spotted Shinae chasing her sister down the hallway and towards the balcony.

The pair of empaths joined them on the balcony, and began a powerful empathy attack on Chrys'tel in order to drive her to suicide by leaping off of the balcony. When Shinae refused to follow their orders to throw her sister over the railing, they turned their attack on Shinae, attempting to force her to comply(source 3). This proved disastrous for the Suls, as Shinae retaliated by throwing Sae'rali over the railing to her death instead of Chrys'tel. Mae'rali became enraged, calling the Sharen renegade a traitor and attempted to focus another empathy attack on her. Shinae was able to resist the empathic attack and blasted Mae'rali with a powerful, point-blank pressure blast, fatally smashing the empath into the wall (source 4).

Only Bae'rali survived the conflict, escaping with severe burns with the rest of Snadya'runes team. It is unknown whether she is aware of Shinae's involvement in her sisters' deaths.

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Sharess was a tall dokkalfar, regal and beautiful in appearance, with dark violet hair long enough that it reached the floor. Stylized triangular markings crossed her brow in an arch or crescent, which her descendants mimicked using sharp, prism-like gems set in a coronet, with each higher rank having more gems embedded in it.

Biography addition:

After her sacrifice, Sharess' body was recovered and placed in stasis, to be later watched over by Sha'sana. The former Othorbbae headmistress has dedicated the last sixteen years of her life towards recovering Sharess from the nether world, in hopes that if the queen can be restored, she will unite the clans and bring peace to the drow and remaining dokkalfar (source 1).

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done, thank you!
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