Nainai bio (New)

Nainai bio (New)

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| faction = Vel'Vloz'ress
| status = Deceased
| race = Rift Halme
| born =
| died = 11??
| talents = Keeping Kharla'ggen in line.
| trivia = "Nainai" may simply be a way of saying "Nanny" and not her real name.

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<section begin=feature />Nainai was [[Kharla'ggen Vel'Vloz'ress]]' elderly halme caretaker.<section end=feature />

==Appearance and Personality==
Nainai is a Rift Halme, and therefore very pale. She is bent with age and walks with a cane. She dresses conservatively in grays and whites. While her eyes are also pale, she does not seem to be blind, as evident of her referral to [[Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress]] as “Pumpkin” (a reference to Kiel's orange hair), though her seeing may be poor due to her race and her age.

Nainai is very grandmotherly, caring for Kharla as one would a young child and comforting when needed, offering kindness and stability in a clan that is very turbulent and cruel. She likely also has a commanding side that ensures that Kharla does as she is told when in her care. She was obedient to Kiel and Sene'kha, but she did not wear a slave collar. That may have been because Sene'kha felt no necessity to restrain Nainai, and to ensure that Kharla listened to her instead of seeing her as an underling.

===Arc I===
Nainai acted as caretaker to Kharla, bathing her and cleaning up after her, and likely also acted as a nanny to a young Kiel due to their familiarity. She was chosen for this task because, as a Halme without an aura, she could not be turned into a “doll” by Kharla'ggen's rare sorcery. It is unknown if Nainai is her real name or a nickname given by Kharla.

She was with Kharla when Kiel returned after the death of [[Sene'kha Vel'Vloz'ress]] in order to keep Kharla from being used by any of the Nether Summoners to control the clan. Nainai was deeply disturbed by the news of Sene'kha's death, but readily submitted to Kiel's will. She assisted in readying Kharla and the various “dolls” for Kiel's stand against the first Nether Summoner to try and claim Kharla'ggen, which happened to be [[Larvova Vloz'ress]].

After [[Naal'suul Vel'Beldrobbaen]]'s demonic possession, Kiel returned to the fortress and was greeted by Nainai, who had belts that Kiel requested for Naal. The wounds of loss reopened and Kiel tossed the belts at seemingly no one, yelling at this “no one” to leave her alone. While her friends were at a loss on how to deal with the outburst, Nainai comforted Kiel and even tried asking the figments of Kiel's imagination to leave the girl alone.

Nainai also arrived to the scene of Kiel's poisoning after the [[Vloz'ress Upheaval]] and lamented Sene'kha's absence, as no Nether Summoner would dare such a thing under Sene'kha's rule. She also made mention that a boy had come to call Kiel out for a visit with [[Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen]], rousing Kiel from her angry depression at the realization that it was [[Nau'kheol Vel'Sharen]]. That perhaps showed a slight “crafty” side to Nainai in getting around Kiel's refusal to interact with her old friends, as she might have known about Kiel's crushes and prince-harem aspirations.

===Arc II===
While Nainai continued to care for Kharla after Kiel took control of the Vloz'ress, she was very old and passed away sometime in the fifteen years between the story arcs. Kharla has had other caretakers, but they apparently do not have the same knack as Nainai had for getting Kharla to listen. Kiel implied that is because they fear Kharla's ability instead of asserting authority as Nainai did (who admittedly did not have to fear Kharla's high sorcery).

==Notable Quotes==
“Please leave the child in peace, whoever you may be. Spirit, god, demon. <i>Please</i>.” - Nainai begging the “audience” to let Kiel grieve over Naal'suul in peace, as she comforts Kiel.

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