Ch45 Summary - Ys

Ch45 Summary - Ys

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===Morning after the fires===
Ariel and Faen are together in their room. With the sounds Ariel was making, it sounded to Die'tra that the two were engaged in sexual activity, of which she was proud of, before Die'tra learned Faen was only combing Ariel’s hair. Downstairs, Tur'geis expresses his desire to not go after the airship. Ash'arion and Nuru'lara guessed correctly that Ariel tried hard to convince Tur'geis to go after the airship. Chiri'nide tries to use the oven before Kau points out to her that it doesn’t use any tech, just a simple fire, which prompts Chiri to use her sorcery. which alarms Ash, annoys Zan'nah and gains the curiosity of Tur'geis. The end result of Chiri’s attempt to cook amuses Die’tra, Tur’geis and Ash’arion while appalling Zan'nah, Nuru'lara and Kau. Chiri, almost in tears, states that she tried to make something nice for Shan'naal since he doesn’t get to eat meat often. Kau offers to help salvage the meal to which Nuru'lara comments that women likes a male that can cook. Ariel and Faen arrive with Ariel thinking there’s a good meal and Faen thinking there’s bad meal, prompting Nuru to declare Sarghress-born have no taste. Chiri then runs out crying, surprising Ariel and Faen. Ariel asks Tur'geis if he changed his mind about chasing after the airship to which he answers no. This prompts Ariel and Faen to leave the house with Ariel declaring she’ll go after it herself. Kaito and Riz'riia hear the confrontation and think nothing of it. Kaito lets Riz keep his cloak and the two engage in morning banter before kissing. Outside, Shan'naal is practising his archery before he notices Chiri going into the stables. Shan follows her and notices she doesn’t have shoes. He promptly improvises and uses some nearby cloth as makeshift shoes for her. Chiri asks Shan if he is only her blade and Shan answers Chiri is more important to him than that. Chiri then hugs him for a moment before getting interrupted by Syrak and Olarae, who are wondering where the Sarghress house is. After getting the directions, Olarae, Die'’tra and Tur'geis remember the times they spent together while Ash'arion asks Syrak what brings him here. He answers that he was assigned to do a tour of the Western Rim and Ys is just the first stop. Syrak then expresses that it’s a shame that this is the only time he can come to Ys. Olarae asks if she can rejoin the Raiders for the chance to go after the airship if it’s ok with Tur'geis. An exasperated Tur'geis answers no and that they are staying in Ys until further orders. This surprises Olarae and Syrak who ask if he heard the news which in turn surprises Tur'geis.

===Eviction of Sarghress out of Ys===
After hearing the news, Nuru'lara and Tur'geis confront the council. Ys council member Kane'ohe tells the Sarghress to stand down or leave Ys. Nuru asks for clarification and Kane clarifies that the Sarghress members stationed there are to renounce their clan to join the commoner population of Ys. Tur'geis says no and Kane replies that they are then to leave the colony. Nuru'lara protests that just the previous day, Kane gave the go ahead to assist with the Hermionne issue to which Kane says that that was then and this is now. Tur'geis says the Hermionnes will return to burn everything and Nuru states that Ys needs them but Kane’ohe declares that the Sarghress presence is a greater threat to the welfare of Ys then the goblin hordes. Nuru states that the Sarghress have respected the neutrality of Ys thus far and asks if it is truly wise to banish them to which Kane states Ys has shown the same courtesy in turn. Kane offers to reward the individuals who helped the previous day and chose to become members of the colony by allowing them to stay in the Sarghress house and providing them and their families with financial support for a year. Tur'geis replies by showing of the part of his hair that was dyed red and declares that it was red with the blood of those who underestimate the Sarghress and threatens Kane. Kane simply replies by asking if they knew the new beginning of drowkind. When Nuru replies no, she tells them to “fuck off” and return to the cavern they conquered. Nuru'lara and Tur'geis then leave to the Sarghress house and tell the others what happened.

===At the grass plains===
Ariel expresses her belief that Tur'geis knows that going after the airship is the right thing to do and that he must be burning with desire to see what’s inside the ship and loot it but won’t because he wants Ariel to stay at Ys. She expresses her exasperation with how people want to keep her safe yet at the same time live up to Quain’s legacy. Faen disputes that theory and believes that the reason Tur'geis refuses to go after the airship is that he’s worried about what would happen to Die'tra because he cares for her the way Ariel cares for Faen. Ariel then comments that Faen’s empathy scares her sometimes and she now understands why Quain'tana dreads meeting Ash'waren sometimes. Ariel then notices that she and Faen are a lot like Quain and Ash, just less scary, which Faen also notices. Ariel sees the Sea Of Mist and states that it brings back memories of the time she went to the surface to rescue Faen. She also wonders how she could find the airship in the mists and begins to wonder whether she put her foot in her mouth. Sarnel and Shala suddenly makes themselves known. Sarnel states that the airship lowered altitude early on to enter the mist in the South East. Sarnel states that it wouldn’t make sense to lose visibility early on so the further destinations are unlikely destinations for the airship, leaving Felde as the only possibility. Sarnel recalls the invitation Ariel received for the Felde peace conference and doesn’t think it’s a coincidence.

===Decisions made===
During a meeting, Sarnel declares that the timing of the invitation and their banishment from Ys was no coincidence. He states that it was too convenient to see the Sarghress off after the appearance of the airship. Nuru'lara agrees that the council’s decision was too abrupt as during the entire time she was the Sarghress representative to Ys, there was nothing to hint towards banishment. Tur'geis states that despite that, he’s reporting back to Chel. Die'tra decides to follow Tur'geis. Faen states that she will follow Ariel and Sarnel. Kau states that the food at Ys is delicious before Shala interrupts him and states they will both go after the airship. Olarae expresses disappointment that they aren’t going to hunt the airship together but decides to go with Tur'geis if that means re-entering the Sarghress ranks. Zan'nah declares that this is the shortest raid ever and decides to also go back to Chel. Ash'arion is happy with the opportunity to escape Chel’s problems but also thinks Felde is just as good. Syrak has made the decision to accept the offer of renouncing the Sarghress and staying in Ys and asks the others to forgive him. Riz'riia then arrives and tells Tur'geis that she’s taking leave to pursue the airship.

===Leaving Ys===
Tur'geis reveals to Ariel that Quill'yate gave them this assignment to keep her out of trouble which she suspected all along. He then tells Riz'riia that she’s in charge of the group heading to Ys but she denies the position and tells Tur'geis to go report what happened and leave the rest to them. As Tur'geis, Die'tra, Olarae and Zan'nah head back to Chel, Die'tra tries to lift Tur'geis’ sad and wavering spirit by stating that Faen is with them. As Ariel, Faen, Sarnel, Kau, Shala, Shan'naal, Chiri'nide, Riz'riia and Nuru'lara leave for Felde, Ariel asks Chiri'nide if it’s ok for Chiri and Shan to take this detour. Chiri responds that she won’t abandon her friends and Shan says that the meeting with the Vanirs is not for another moon and they want to be useful in the meantime. Syrak then suddenly appears and says he changed his mind and is going with them to Felde.
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