Ulvakhi Kavahini

Ulvakhi Kavahini

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I saw your call for help Dalv. AND I HAVE ANSWERED! *bigsmile*

It's just one character though. ^^;

By the way, what are the traditions of Mimaneid with regard to the Val- prefix and the -ess suffix for Illhar? My lack of knowledge here made me slightly confused as to what to put in the relevant spots.

Also, I noticed that Jethel isn't on the list of cameo characters and that some of the links there are redlinked.


Ulvakhi Kavahini

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| section = Moonless Age Cameo
| faction = Kavahini
| status = Illhar
| race = Drowolath
| talents =
| family =
| trivia = Can speak Chelian


[[Category:Can be featured]]
<section begin=feature />Ulvakhi is the Illhar of the Kavahini, a clan of Mimaneid.<section end=feature />

==Appearance and Personality==
Ulvakhi has brown eyes and her brown hair is braided into a single ponytail. She has markings on her face in addition to a yellow gem. She wears red clothes with yellow wing like features.

At some point before meeting with Sil'lice and Nishi'kanta, she had met Mikilu. Mikilu earned Ulvakhi's respect after she fought many duels during her stay in Mimaneid.<ref>{{ChapterRef|43|54}}</ref>

===Meeting with Sil'lice and Nishi'kanta===
She greets Sil'lice and Nishi'kanta in her home and is intrigued by Sillice's talk of honor. Ulvakhi was also interested in the duel Sil'lice offered before Nishi'kanta reminds them they have to discuss the attack on Snad at Felde. The Kavahini Illhar states that Felde is a mere flight away and that Snad shall fall by the hands of the Kavahini.

==Notable Quotes==
"''My warriors are swift. Take the path up the roots to the tree. Then your Felde is a mere flight away. Your beloved Snadya’rune will fall before the flying blades of the Kavahini! What say you, Vals of Sharen?''"

==Character Concept==

Image:Concept_(CHARNAME).jpg|Official concept art of (CHARNAME).

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