DrowWiki: Ragini (New)

DrowWiki: Ragini (New)

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Ragini was a young slave belonging to the Val'Sharen (now Vel'Sharen) Clan. It is unknown if she was born into slavery or became a slave through other means. Ragini worked in the Val'Sharess Tower, doing typical slave work. She appeared to be about 10 years old or so.

When the Nidraa'chal War broke out, the three Tainted daughters of Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen - Snadhya'runes, Sarv'swati, and Zala'ess - began a massacre in the mid-levels of the Val'Sharess tower, setting up their plan of making it appear that the Nidraa'chal had breached the Tower and attempted to assassinate the Val'Sharess. Luckily, Ragini was able to wriggle into an air duct and wait out the carnage. When the Tower had quieted, the young slave girl began crawling through the ducts, trying to find any source of life. She came upon the Throne Room and found the prone, but alive, body of the Val'Sharess, trapped inside by her own daughters destroying the connecting hall.

Upon awakening the Val'Sharess demanded how the girl arrived in that room and appeared ready to harm her at various points, lamenting the state of things. Finally, Diva'ratrika calmly came up with a plan to have Ragini bring her food, supplies, and news from outside the room while she devised a means of escape. She instructed the girl to hide amongst the other slaves and only enter the tower to sneak in these supplies. For a year Ragini brought Diva'ratrika books to study in order to understand the tome hidden away in the Throne, as well as food and news about the actions of her daughters. Diva'ratrika began to confide in Ragini and treat her with kindness, as one would a child or an equal. This began to foster in the young girl a sense of loyalty and love for her Queen.

Finally, Diva'ratrika announced she had a plan for escape, and she needed Ragini's help. The girl responded with delight that she would do as needed, even offering her life. Diva'ratrika freed Ragini from enslavement, and responded to Ragini's joy with a touch of sorrow and regret. She did not outline the plan in any way except to tell Ragini to go far outside the city to the mushroom forests. On the cavern floor she was to draw a design that Diva'ratrika had given her, draw it perfectly, and then sit in its center. Ragini did as she was told, not understanding but happy to aid her Queen.

What the Val'Sharess hadn't told her was that the mark was a focus point for the Queen to find after detaching her own aura from her body. She "possessed" Ragini, though not completely. The girl stumbled back to civilization, begging for water, and soon after beer. Her hair turned blue and her skin lightened to that of a Dark Elf's, but her eyes remain that of the Drow. She soon awoke with little knowledge of her past and Diva'ratrika slowly expanding into her consciousness, giving her terrible headaches. Being intoxicated seemed to hold the headaches at bay, so the girl began to drink constantly. At some point, she started going by the name Liriel.

After changing masters many times, she found herself in the company of Ariel Val'Sarghress, and has stuck with her ever since, pressed to stay with the "wolf" by the presence of a fallen queen.

"Ragini could not steal anything better! I'm sorry my Queen! *whimper*" - Ragini under Diva'ratrika's assult when the latter finds out the slave has brought her slave food.

"No matter what, even if I die, I will not fail you!" - Ragini to Diva'ratrika when the Val'Sharess asks the slave to aid her in her escape attempt.

Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen - Queen, owner, body-mate
Liriel - New Identity.

First Appears in: Longest Wait, page 34

Appears in: Longest Wait, Chapter 22 (dream-state)
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