DrowWiki: Syphile (Edit)

DrowWiki: Syphile (Edit)

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Figured it was about time to update Syphile's bio considering the new chapter 1 is posted and she is now deceased so here we go.

Syphile was once a potential heir for Qauin’tana. Impressed by Syphile’s mother and father, who were two of the strongest members in the Sarghress, Quain’tana adopted the girl and charged her to become a summoner. Syphile spent her time studying at Orthobbae to become a summoner, however a new headmistress was appointed during her time there. The new headmistress, Snadhya’runes Vel’Sharen, put in a new law that anyone who wanted to learn summoning must be tainted. When Syphile returned home and Quain’tana learned that her heir had become tainted she was furious considering Syphile’s tainting to be a sign of weakness and a mark of Syphile’s inability to lead a clan.

In order to redeem herself, Quain’tana placed Syphile in charge of Ariel’s upbringing. Shortly thereafter Sillice Val’Sharen left her clan and joined the Sarghress, becoming Syphile’s ‘elder sister’, a high noble, and was instructed to train Syphile in summoning. Syphile’s only hope to redeem herself and regain her lost status now lay in her ability to teach Ariel to be a proper daughter. Syphile became a harsh teacher, often asking for the impossible and delivering threats and physical punishment when Ariel failed. Syphile’s anger and bullying continued to increase as the time drew closer for Ariel to be presented to Quain’tana, and Ariel was unable to meet the tough expectations placed on her. A month before the meeting with Quain’tana, Syphile discovered Ariel’s pet cat Fuzzy and learning Ariel had wasted her time roaming the fortress with her cat instead of studying, Syphile decided to lock Ariel in her room. When Syphile came back to meet with Ariel, she had been beaten and bore a black eye, she was angry and the smell of cat puke combined with Ariel's concern only on the cat when Syphile's very future rested on the meeting in a couple weeks made her decide to remove the cat at that moment. Syphile's future intentions for Fuzzy are unclear but when Syphile was bit by Fuzzy on the hand, it was the last straw and in a fit of rage, Syphile broke the cat’s head against the wall. In revenge Ariel trashed Syphile's room and smeared feces on the wall. Concerned that Ariel was able to get into her room and do that, Syphile retaliated back by isolating Ariel in her room for the rest of the time until her birthday and the meeting with Quain'tana. Failing to do any last minute training and properly preparing Ariel for her first meeting with Quain'tana.

When Ariel was introduced to Quain’tana for the first time a few days later, Ariel was asked what her wish was and she stated that her one wish was to kill Syphile. Quain’tana told her to do so right there but Ariel felt she was too weak to accomplish it, which displeased Quain’tana. Syphile’s chance at redemption had failed, Ariel was a weak child that could not hold the eye of her mother, was unmannered, and desired to kill her tutor. The reasons behind this were revealed to Quain'tana by Kel'noz, her failures made public before she was dismissed. Syphile was forced to remain in the fortress but she didn’t receive another chance to redeem herself as Ariel returned from Orthabbae with one of her tormentors, Mir'kiin Vel'Vloz'ress, and killed him in front of her mother. Quain’tana rewarded Ariel by giving her Syphile’s lands, which Syphile hadn’t paid attention to and hadn’t even learned the name of her steward who was in charge of managing those holdings.

A later encounter where Ariel captured Chrys’tel, brought Zala’ess, one of the heads of the Sharen clan to the Sarghress home, and Quain’tana attempted to trick the Sharen leader by telling Zala’ess how Chrys’tel had betrayed the Sharen and joined the Sarghress. Zala’ess makes a show of not believing it and was unwilling to continue talking with Quain’tana and went to the door to leave. Under Zala’ess’s stare, Syphile opened the door for the rival clan, infuriating Quain’tana, as she felt her authority had been undermined in her own home. Syphile was warned not to fail again and was reduced to tears in the hallway where Ariel came across her. The two got in an argument about Quain’tana and her motives and in a fit of rage Syphile attacked Ariel with a Jaal’darya artifact. Ariel managed to absorb the artifact with her shape shifting abilities and Syphile fell back on her summoner training and tried to taint Ariel, to make Ariel suffer the same fate as her. Syphile was stopped by the sudden appearance of Mel, who subdued Syphile and shoved her down the stairs to lie at Quain’tana’s feet as she was speaking with her officers. This proved to be the last straw and Syphile’s title was taken from her and she was banished from the Sarghress.

Hoping to ingratiate herself to the Sharen clan, Syphile freed Chrys’tel and returned her to her clan for the promise of a position in the Sharen. When they arrived they were taken prisoner but Chrys'tel was able to reassure her mother that she was still loyal and was only able to escape with help from Syphile. Zala’ess was unimpressed with Syphile’s actions, seeing it for the move of desperation that it was. Judging Syphile to be of weak character, Zala’ess would only offer Syphile a position as a servant in the clan, unwilling to give her any higher rank that could cause the Sharen embarrassment later on. Chrys’tel, feeling indebted to Syphile and wanting to provide an opportunity for Syphile to be her protector-twin, came up with a plan that would prove Syphile’s usefulness. Syphile would be trained by the Sharen for a month and would then assassinate Quain’tana.

After a month of hard training, her taint allowed to grow to higher levels, given poison blades, and even offered a drug to put her in a berserker state (which Syphile ended up refusing) Syphile snuck into the Sarghress fortress duing the Sharen assualt. Emotionally overcome by the chance to prove Quain'tana wrong about her, Syphile officially challenged Quain'tana, giving up the element of surprise and facing her one on one. The battle was short as Quain'tana's experience in battle allowed her to dodge Syphile's crossbow bolts and sword, taking Syphile out with a few punches. Syphile gave her last words on Quain'tana's failures as a mother and died without fear.

First Appearance: Moonless Age Chapter 1 pg 0

Appears in Chapters: 1, 3, 5, 8,18

Other Appereances: Spider Born
Breach of Faith
Daydream Archive 1: Alternate Reality
Daydream Archive 2: Demon Love, Demon Love Returns
Slavemaster: Chapter 2, 5-9
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