DrowWiki: Mel’anarch Val’Sarghress (New)

DrowWiki: Mel’anarch Val’Sarghress (New)

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Mel’anarch Val’Sarghress was an idealist who thought it was better to make friends rather then enemies. A belief that commonly brought her into conflict with her mother, Mel saw Quain’s plan to defeat the Sharen as a horrible waste and that if Quain’tana were in power that no one would be able to tell the difference between the two rules. There would only be more slaves and fewer resources as a result of the conquest. Mel thinks the Drow should return to the surface, that the land is healing from the damage it was caused so long ago but no one knows what’s there and the clans are too fixated on their eternal war for dominance to consider expanding up there. Any attempts to go to the surface are considered silly by most, that it is only good for plundering the few treasures that remain.

Mel’anarch is Quain’tana’s first daughter and despite their differences in belief they both have the same stubborn spirit. These differences might not have driven such a strong wedge between the two if not for a series of unfortunate events that happened to Quain. Receiving a wound that made her barren and her favored daughter Laele became tainted left Quain needing Mel to do what was required. Mel was the only one left to perpetuate Quain’tana’s lineage, which Quain deeply cherished and hoped to leave her legacy to, but Mel refused her, since she can not stand a male’s touch. Mel hoped that the situation would humble Quain and she would act like a mother and treat Mel like a daughter, and ask for her help instead of ordering for it.

Instead Quain hunted Mel down and imprisoned her, torturing her and Zhor in order to get what she wanted. Mel felt betrayed however when Kel’noz decided to side with Quain’tana over Mel. False rumors were spread about Mel’anarch by Quain’tana in order to explain why she had been imprisoned. Mel’anarch was rumored to be a psychotic monster that feasted on the flesh of males and children and to rape women. That she is a hermit that preferred to live in total darkness with only her giant spiders for companionship. That she had made an alliance with Snadhya’rune Vel’Sharen and planned to betray Quain’tana. Mel still refused and it was only after centuries of loneliness that she had a child with Zhor.

As soon as the baby was out of the womb Quain’tana came and took the child. Mel and Zhor tried to stop Quain’tana but Zhor wasn’t strong enough and Mel was too weak after the birth. Mel’anarch didn’t get name her daughter, nor did she get to see her again until the child was ten years old.

When Ariel was preparing to leave with Kel’noz to go to Orthabbae, Mel’anarch was overjoyed to see her daughter again and hugged Ariel. Mel wanted to spend time with her but Ariel had heard all of the rumors from Syphile and was frightened, so much that she ran away. Mel didn’t see Ariel again for another five years. With Ariel almost fully grown, Mel worries that the daughter she so deeply loves will never love her in return and was willing to do anything to be a part of her daughter’s life, even to beg Quain’tana.

Mel’anarch went to Quain’tana after Ariel’s capture of Chrys’tel and tried to convince Quain to put Ariel’s under Mel’s care. Quain’tana insulted Mel and would not consent to placing her last chance for an heir of her bloodline into the hands of the woman she had so completely mistreated and who bore no loyalty to her. Quain ordered Mel to be removed from her presence. Furious, Mel tried to attack Quain from behind but her handlers we’re able to stop her in time. Mel swore she would kill Quain.

Shortly thereafter, using a power similar to Ariel’s, Mel’anarch became a creature of shadow and escaped her bonds. Coming across the fight between Ariel and Syphile, Mel protected Ariel from Syphile when she was going to taint Ariel. Mel was able to stop Syphile in time and threw her down the stairs to land in front of Quain, allowing Ariel to take the credit for removing another of her tormentors.

Mel then brought Ariel to her lair and tried to talk to her daughter but Ariel wasn’t willing to trust Mel, worried that she was another Jer’hol who would try to use Ariel for her own gain or kill her. Mel tried to convince Ariel that she truly cared for her and that it was only because of Quain’tana that they couldn’t be together but Ariel didn’t want to hear her mother being disrespected.

Mel wanted to tell Ariel the truth that she was Ariel’s mother but was worried that if Ariel had that knowledge then she would be discarded or killed. It’s probably for the best since than Ariel would have really believed that Mel was just like Jer’hol claiming to be her parent. Unable to tell the truth Mel instead gave a listening ear and listened to Ariel as she told about her life. As a parting gift, Mel gave Ariel a bio-golem but warned Ariel that if she were to ever absorb it like she had absorbed Syphile’s bio-golem that the golem might not survive. Touched by this gift as well as Mel’s willingness to listen, Ariel realized that Mel wasn’t the monster she had been told and asked for some advice on how to convince Quain’tana to let her go to the surface in order to search for her lost friend Faen. Mel told Ariel about the Blood Rite, an ancient Sarghress tradition, where the child went to the surface and killed a strong beast, and dyeing her hair red would be a sign she had completed this rite of passage.

After Ariel left for the surface, Kel’noz convinced Mel that she could not leave yet, or else Quain’tana would hunt her and Ariel down. Trying to balance his love for Mel and his duty to Quain’tana, he offered his plan that when the war breaks out between the clans than Mel’anarch can make her escape. The war would be a large enough concern that it would distract Quain, and prevent her from noticing Mel’s disappearance. Mel’anarch agreed and now waits for the opportunity when she can escape her prison and be reunited with her daughter.

“I was so lonely all this time, Ariel, lonely and cold. No one by my side…No one at all…” Mel after being reunited with Ariel.

Quain’tana Val’Sarghress – Mother
Kel’noz Val’Sarghress – Brother
Leale’elle Val’Sarghress – Sister
Ariel Val’Sarghress – Daughter
Zhor – Lover
Lu’luanne - Guard

First Appearance: Chapter 1 pg 43

Appears in Chapters: 1, 8, 11

Other Appearences: Spiderborn, Daydream Archive 1: Liriel’s First Daydream, Back to Reality, Alternate Reality, Daydream Archive 2: About Drow, Slavemaster: ch. 7-8
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