Scars of the Nidaar'chal (semi prvt)

Scars of the Nidaar'chal (semi prvt)

Postby django » Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:06 am

Gaul cant remember the last time he so was mad at his clan that he took some time off to burn it off somewhere else. It was better for Raven and Chel, and his health then take his anger violently there. Some fresh surface air and sun is what he desperately needed.

Dismounting from his trusted horse Black pot as he arrived at town, the Nal run town was asleep for the most part. Walking over to the stables. The Suss set his horse up for the night before finding the inn.

The inn was next door and open for business but seemed quite. Most people he imagined where either gearing up for a early morning tomorrow or perhaps it wasn't pay day. Either way Gaul was looking for a quite night at the bar. Walking in, Gaul didn't attract much attention past the usual glance the few patrons give to new comers. Nothing threatening caught his attention, so he just moseyed over to the Innsmen "A bottle of honey Rye." The kyorl said as he approached the bar. While not dressed his Templar armor. Gaul dress mostly in black and was armed with a black blade and chain mail shirt under neither his shirt. As well as his faithful gauntlets with sealing jems.
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