The Devils Valley

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Postby laserkid » Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:28 am

"Oh my.." Zalr'gan looked at the casualty get propped up and smothered by Ebinoth then he charged off. Zalr'gan went over to the stunned Raider while summoning an over powered mana wisp that lite up the room and more importantly her patent.

Working the golem controls and clasps she took off Mae's helm to make sure she wasn't bleeding underneath it. Tufts of hair came with it from where it got caught in the padding and armor. Whatever happened to Mae focused on her head and upper chest. She was breathing alright despite the beginnings of nasty and deep bruise on her neck. Something had litteraly tried to pull her head off and may was lucky not to have had her life end with a broken neck.

Zalr'gan then grabbed the Raider my the chin to steady her head so Zalr'gan could look into Mae's eyes. "Can you tell me what happened?" Zalr'gan said a bit to loud for someone so close. The volume was intentional to get Mae's attention. The question was more to ascertain consciousness and awareness and also tell if the female's throat had damage deeper and more dangerously then the muscle. Zal'rgan's mana light was bright and would cause Mae's irises to narrow if she didn't have damage to her brain. Even if the Raider was just shook up, She just won a feel up from Zalrgan, later when out of combat conditions to inspect for internal injury. The burning nature of blood sorcery would provide a "message" Mae would likely not forget the rest of her days.
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Re: The Devils Valley

Postby SoulCode » Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:27 am

Reka had dusted herself off none the worse for wear save a few cracked ribs and a dislocated shoulder.

With a sicking pop Reka put her arm back in place, a move she had learned from a medic friend. She had to admit while overly hurtful, her friend's methods where effective.

She was in the middle of pondering how to move this treasure trove when she heard the sounds far off.
Seeing as whomever was coming would still have to crawl to get to her Reka was lax.
on second thought it could've been another snake
Reka kept a hand to her swordhandle as she awaited whom/whatever emerged.


Chrono looked to the fae who talked to him,
"Well now how do you know my name? Nevermind, I'm gonna go back now."
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Re: The Devils Valley

Postby njack46 » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:44 am

Jak pulled with all his might to pull Mae and Ebinoth out of the hole before letting his mate look at both of them for injuries. "Are they hurt bad, Zal?" The pup said to his beloved as he got into a protective stance beside Tur. He knew that more of the shambling creatures were still in the tunnel and he didn't want them to harm his mate and friends again. "We need to find Reka quickly so we can get out of this place. There has to be more of those things roaming around here and I will not have them harm any of again!"
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Re: The Devils Valley

Postby Alric » Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:20 am

Tur'geis nodded at Jak'sura's advice as Ebinoth jumped down the hole after Reka. There was no sign of more of the creatures in the immediate area but there had to be a number where Reka now was. He turned to Aisha, kneeling down to face the young feral. "Stay with Zalr'gan and Gaul until I get back, you hear me?" he ordered.

"Yes sirrr!" Aisha replied, clearly a bit nervous about Tur'geis departing from her now. It made Tur'geis uneasy to leave her for a short while but it was much safer for a young feral here than down in that pit.

"Then let's head down there and find ourselves a Fallen Legionary!" said Tur'geis to Jak'sura before making his way to the hole. "Come on..." he added to the other Raider as he climbed down into the collapsed floor and headed off after Reka.
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Re: The Devils Valley

Postby django » Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:50 am

"Eh." A tired and beaten up Mae coughed as Ebinoth hugged her. Only half aware of what was going on around her, as she just sat back and breathed in precious musty dungeon air. She let Zalr'gan get to work on her. "Some. Something grabbed my head and pulled me up. But I got stuck. Then I got pulled down."

Mae shifted as Zalr'gan did her work, not appreciating the bright light in her face. Mae was a lucky one, nothing permanent seemed to be done to her. Considering almost being torn apart. But bed rest was in her forecast.

"Someone here have any earth sorcery. We need to close them off before we get over whelmed." Nothing fancy was needed, choke point would do, but they couldn't keep this endurance test up forever. The tremor of the bronze idol crashing down could be felt under the heels. "Sharess, is the place falling apart?!"

The ice lance pierced the squids dark emotionless eye, oozing pussy, sick looking liquid. It dived into the deep water, nearly disappearing into its darkness trying to take Chrono down with him in one last vain attempt.
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Re: The Devils Valley

Postby Brawl97 » Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:04 pm

Ebinoth was down the hole looking for a place to go, he turned on a mana light and walked along looking for Reka. Reeeka! Where are you!? Are you okay? he crawled through a small (or at least small for him) area. He had his sword drawn in case he didn't like was on the other side. He popped up and saw Reka, also holding a sword at him. Oh hey Reka, you seem to be doing good...well good-ish. he said So where is the killable shiiiiiiiiiii he slurred as he noticed all of the loot around her Huh, had yourself an adventure didn't you.

Huh, how do I know your name? she wondered Strange....Chrono watch out! she screamed to the halm as a tentacle reached out for him. She took out her axe and swung sown, trying to hit the monsters tentacle.
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Re: The Devils Valley

Postby SoulCode » Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:19 am

Reka had held her breath without realizing it and it was released in a silent sigh of relief as her old friend Ebinoth wiggled his way through the hole half his size.

Had Reka been any other drow besides Reka, she'd had packed that last sentence with as much innuendo as she could.
But as it was she simply sheathed her sword and gave Ebinoth a hand getting up.

Now in pleasant company Reka failed to hold a wince as her injuries made themselves known.
As it was Reka, slightly embarrassed at her sad state, switched between nursing her left arm and right side.

To Ebinoth's question, Reka of all people almost cracked a smile, almost. She pointed a thumb to the dead imp and beheaded snake. She then looked upon the pile of treasure and looked back.
She motioned as to say 'what now?'


Chrono had about 7 milla seconds to ponder his conversation with drow before the monster took it's second wind and caught him in it's slimy, smelly, wet grasp.
Close to the water's edge Chrono sank his large sword deep into the ground.
With veins visible and manly muscle upon muscle grunts Chrono clutched the earth itself. With this-is-gonna-make-me-sore-tomorrow effort Chrono stopped the beast for the moment.
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