Vengance (Open)

Re: Vengance (Open)

Postby Gojinki » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:30 pm

Once at Mek'kel's residence, the other raiders would notice a couple odd things. His home was absolutely spic and span, aside from the blood and mud being brought in with the group. Another oddity was that as soon as Mek'kel was placed on the table, servants rushed about with basins of clean water, pre-made splints and bandages, and even some medicines and ointments to be used on open wounds. It would be clear that the return of an injured raider was a rather common event... but why the heck were there so many servants? even with the ones in the room, more peeked in around corners and through open door frames.

Here was the reason Mek'kel was always living so close to the margins. Having to purchase, feed, and look after so many servants was rather expensive, but the Meek Teikaliath couldn't help himself. Whenever he had extra money from successful raids and dancing for tips, he would always and up at the auctions.

It would still be a while yet until he was awake once more, so once finished tending to their owner the servants swarmed about the others to administer what first aid they could. An empath healer would be helpful at this point, but Mek'kel didn't own one of those.
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Re: Vengance (Open)

Postby Tsuris » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:59 pm

Macha sighed and bent down to drag Malag to one of the beds further into the villa, "Bloody fool, I've invested too much time in you for you to die because you botched some plot to get revenge." She grumbled, almost tossing the man onto the bed. She pulled up a chair and sat down in it, rolling up her sleeve and removing her glove before starting to work on Malag's wounds. Her eyes glowed white as she began to heal him, it would take time to stabilize him and she wouldn't be able to get him back to one hundred percent but at least he wouldn't die.
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Re: Vengance (Open)

Postby SoulCode » Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:14 am

Taken aback I was as servants came rushing, at least I hopped servants and not slaves. A few thoughts of harems ran through my mind to which I rid quickly enough. I glanced to Tur'geis yet it seemed he was well in hand.

I felt a hand on my arm and turned. Several of the servants where there looking at me. In the pause before they had rushed me off to a separate room I realized,
I looked like one of them.

It would seem I would be staying a little while.
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