Shadows Within Reach (Marauders Barracks)

Re: Shadows Within Reach (Marauders Barracks)

Postby Catriana » Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:02 pm

Riz'riia watched the exchange between father and daughter with mild amusement, sparing Tur'geis a small glance before turning back to the shop owner. "We are her friends and squad mates. That means we have an extra responsibility to ensure Zan'nah is happy and satisfied in life."
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Re: Shadows Within Reach (Marauders Barracks)

Postby Alric » Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:33 am

Tur'geis raised his eyebrows in surprise before bowing his head enough to be respectful to Zan'nah's father. He had heard that he was a Sullisin'rune but Zan'nah had divulged little other than that fact. Tur'geis had just suspected that she hadn't known him well. Given Zan'nah's reaction, she had certainly met him before. He returned the glance to Riz'riia, his gaze reflecting his understanding of her tacit statement. He'd let Zan'nah speak of the exact nature of their relationship. The poor girl was embarrassed enough already at her father's openness.

"An honor to meet you, Lord Nyles'kama. I'm Tur'geis, a squadmate and good friend of Zan'nah," he replied to the male. Tur'geis then motioned towards Riz'riia. "This beautiful lady here is Riz'riia, my mate," continued the male. "Zan'nah asked for us to accompany her to this store. I admit it's my first time being in a place quite like this..." he said to Nyles'kama, remaining confident. The male Highland Raider could certainly see the resemblance between the father and daughter.
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Re: Shadows Within Reach (Marauders Barracks)

Postby Tsuris » Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:08 am

Nyles'kama kept smiling, "It is a pleasure to meet you both, Riz'riia and Tur'geis." he said, "If you are looking for something for more comfortable bindings--" he said as he stepped over to one of the display stands where a model stood, naked from the neck down but for a leather strap harness over her body, her arms bound behind her back, "--something in this color would match with her skin tone and the leather is easy on the skin... unless you'd like it to be a little uncomfortable." he reached down and pulled the one of the straps on the back of of the model's harness, eliciting a small moan from the woman. "Easily adjusted too, Zannah why don't you try one on, there are a few on the rack there and a changing room just back there." he pointed to a door in the back.

Zan'nah just stood staring at her father, still trying to get over the fact that her father owned a store like this and was making suggestions on what to wear. She was still blushing when she finally found her voice, "Dad... you don't have to pick things out for me..." she said, though she had to admit, the harness looked... interesting... and it would match...
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