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Postby SoulReka » Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:57 pm

Chrono realized he was nervous, and while he had every right to be, it just wasn't like him.
With a stretch like a sleepy bear Chrono slumped into the bench. *wee* "Why am I here? Good question. Because I just felt like it? Or maybe..." he leaned forward, a more serious tone, "I want to keep track of her."
Whatever seriousness in his face vanished again as he shrugged at Zan's question. "No offence ma'am but I can't answer that for I have no idea." He looked to his scarred hand, examining it. Another shrug and he stood, this time walking to a fake opponat stand.
"Exusme me sir's and ma'ams mind if I take a swing or two?"
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