Friends in the Streets (Open to all)

Re: Psycho Squad (semi private)

Postby Tsuris » Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:57 am

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Re: Friends in the Streets (Open to all)

Postby laserkid » Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:29 pm

Lalr'gan listing to the Val about stuff she didn't know about and start bickering with the other Raider. Then she saw a metallic streak out of the corner of her eye. And then darkness. She shifts the readied mana to a shield with male groaning while drifting in and out of consciousness on her shoulder. More Hiladri shit. Can't these fuckers just stop this madness. Unable to draw her sword due to the male, she just begins to walk quickly the direction she was facing when the darkness fell. Just as quickly has the darkness came it melded away. She spins around to see the new pile of shit happening. Pissed off with a headache, wasted mana, with many hours of work ahead. Lalr'gan stomps rather menacingly to Minerva and whimpering naga child. Mana crackles to life, ready to be spent in deadly rage. She rather forcefully wraps her free muscular arm around the naga's chest and hefts her as much and anyone can the lengthy body of a naga. "I swear to Sharess, the next one of you murderous fucks who does something violent is going to to have their blood turned to acid while still in their veins!" she roars. "I am taking this male and naga child to the aid station, get in my way if you dare." She literally growls as she stomps her way past dragging the long tail of the naga behind her.
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Re: Friends in the Streets (Open to all)

Postby SoulReka » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:03 pm

Oh he did NOT. This smug little sh** had the gull to ignore him and think he could just kill Reka?! This boy was about to learn he wasn’t the only skilled SOB.
Never underestimate you opponents! Tanis roared in his head as metal was faster than flesh. Quicker than a nerves system, Tanis’s golem arm (yes golem arm, he had it under his cape) reached out and grasped the smaller man’s head. Its magic disrupting Kra’stynoth’s so he couldn’t simply teleport. Soo many ways he could end his life in an instant, should he use his ice magic and give him a massive brain freeze? Or he could crush his skull into fine paste, or better yet scramble the mana flow of his brain till it poped? Perhaps he wou-

“Tanis stop!” Reka yelled to him. Which caused Tanis to keep Kra’stynoth at his long arm’s reach.
“Are you insane?! He’ll kill you Reka! He’s just like all the others!! Just a dumb heartless SOB murder!!!”
“I said STOP!” Reka glared at him, and he stopped, but kept his hold. If he were to so even blink or his flow of mana changed at all, Tanis swore he’d kill him on impulse.
But he was right…Reka could feel it, feel Kra’stynoth’s raw overall hate. How long since he had felt this on the fields of death? How long since its wicked feel almost consume her? Reka had almost…almost returned to the way she was, almost turning into something more horrible more deadly, and more dark than this man. She could kill him, might die as well, but she could kill him.
Eliminate Enem---NO!! Reka shut her eyes tight and gritted her teeth hard I am NOT that way anymore! tear almost formed at the edges of her eyes as her thoughts rang out. She swore upon that person’s grave that she would never be that again.

This hate had to end…
And so, after dropping her weapon she reached up and clenched the dagger with her hand, twisting his wrist with her other. (Note: even if it’s instant kill poison, Reka has poison resistance; call BS if you wish but it is part of Rebel training. Remember I said resistance, not immunity, so she’ll likely need help fast.) The blade cut and her blood mixed color with the poison. Too distracted by the sear pain, Reka seemed to have forgotten to take note of how well the poison was made. She’ve asked him for pointers.

She Endured.
Twisting out of his grasp she turned and looked him straight in his hate/taint-filled eyes. Her own eyes held not of the pain but her burning will. “Sir, I apologize for breaking that which was precious to you. But know that a weapon can be remade, and I swear I will fix it, but a life cannot.” The poison took greater effect and his eyes still burned.
She Endured.
“I know pain, pain far greater than this.” She coughed, “Do not let anger consume you! It will poison your soul more than this poison is killing mine!” She couldn’t tell if he heard her or if he was just madder for her possibly belittling his hardships. “If you need something to hate, then hate ME!” she yelled causing the poison to nearly kill her.
She Endured.
“…I will take it, I will take you’re hatred, your madness, your anger…I WILL TAKE IT ALL! Reka roared as with a jerk she stabbed herself with the dagger. She grunted blood and her pupils shrank quickly as the Poison all but consumed her, eating at every nerve in her body. The pain…was hell itself.
“haaa….is this e….enough?” Reka asked, each word bringing more blood “how…about this!” She took the small blade out of her shoulder and sunk it as far as it would go in her side, twisting it, spilling blood across the floor. For a few moments the world, her senses were nothing but pain.

She screamed.

Then pain started to fade as nothingness crept in its place. With a soft hand she placed gently on his shoulder and looked into his eyes, “No…moore….haaaaaate…” her eyes started to blank as consciencouss slipped from her,
“are…you…my…faaatherrrr…..?” her words where barely audible as she fell to the cold stone floor.
(Note: I never said she you know what.)
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Re: Friends in the Streets (Open to all)

Postby Alric » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:49 pm

Tur'geis shook his head, his eyes closed in frustration. How did it come to this? Why did he have to step in and defend the indefensible? With a shrug, Tur'geis sheathed his sword. "That's it. I'll prove to you that there's no treachery here. I've sheathed my weapon and I demand that the rest of you do the same. Look at us...we're at each others throats like mad dogs," he said, shaking his head in amazement and disgust at the end.

"I have no quarrel with either of you," spoke Tur'geis to Minerva and Kra'stynoth. "It is of my squad mate's actions that all this has occurred...I'll deal with him, and you'll get your chance in time," he said., his tone dead serious. "This I swear." Tur'geis didn't feel like he needed to elaborate on any punishment he and Tsuris'lok would receive should they be found responsible of starting a fight with a friendly clan.

A moment of darkness passed...Kra'stynoth's sorcery, no doubt. When Tur'geis could see again, he was greeted by the sight of Reka in Kra'stynoth's grasp, a dagger to her throat. Before Tur'geis could do anything (his first instinct was to just facepalm and give an inarticulate grunt of dismay and rage) Reka had disarmed Kra'stynoth and - stabbed herself? Was she insane? Fuck me. She did not just do that.

Yes, Tur'geis was going to be left explaining how two of his squad mates got themselves killed when off duty with him. He'd never be finished cleaning out stables, escape the feel of the lash on his back, and instead of being the trophy mate to a wealthy Val lady, he'd be stuck giving sexual favors to horny and sadistic officers. It'd be even worse than the most degrading moments when his De'vess sent him to "seal agreements" with females from other houses and clans, under his mother's approval! All because Tsuris'lok punched too hard and gave the wrong damn herb to Kra'stynoth. Tur'geis rushed to Reka's side, picking her up from the ground.

"Let's not talk anymore about who hurt who until AFTER we get people healed, alright?" he spoke to Minerva, restrained anger and frustration apparent in his voice. "Listen, I'm not blaming you for any of this. We all know that Tsuris'lok is responsible. But there's no way in hell I'm going to be left reporting how two of my goddess-damned team mates died when I was with them!" he growled as he half-carried Reka over to the healer.
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Re: Friends in the Streets (Open to all)

Postby AielloA » Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:47 am

"She... Sharess' tits, she did NOT just stab herself with a fragment of a Kiss? Stupid little bitch," Kra'stynoth sighed. "If we're lucky, the poison won't have reacted rapidly with that first dose. But by the third time, she'll have maybe four hours left. If she's lucky. If the stupid bitch had stabbed herself with the whole blade instead of just the damn shard, she'd be freaking dead already," he muttered, reaching into his pockets for a small vial of a deep blue liquid, and a double-sided hollow needle. He stuck the needle into the lid, and stabbed it three times, quickly, into the girl's body: once for each spot she had stabbed herself with the shard.

"That's not an antidote," he shrugged, "but it was developed to give me more time to get to a healer if I accidentally cut myself on the Kiss, sharpening it or something. An Empath or Blood Mana specialist should have no problem extracting the poison now. And her fucking debt's cleared... Now I just gotta find out where the fuck I can get another Kiss from..."
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Re: Friends in the Streets (Open to all)

Postby Pariel » Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:23 pm

"My my, food and spectacle." said Nili'shaun as she thoughtfully chewed on a potato bug. She had taken a liking to these commoner treats, although she seldom indulged in such a guilty pleasure. It could go straight for the hips. Things... were confusing , to say the very least. Although, not all of them. The former sharen spotted one figure she recognized from the Marauder's team. Tur'geis. She remembered it well. Even if their relation had cooled down somewhat, there had been an endless flurry of witty jabs taken at eachother. He really had a remarkable and annoying ability to answer back.

Although, the situation looked less that favorable, and given her meal was ruined, she could aswell ask for an explanation. "Didn't I tell you, Tur'geis, to not bring work home? What's going on here?
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Re: Friends in the Streets (Open to all)

Postby Tsuris » Wed Feb 29, 2012 2:34 pm

((Due to lack of coherency, and keeping to world setting, I've decided to remove several of the characters I used in this RP from play permanently,

Lhamea the naga will no longer be used in RPs

The Mentor Dark elf will no longer be used in RPs

Jim the dwarf, will no longer be used in RPs

I'm doing this to

A.) stay closer to the world setting,
B.) i've had to revise Lok's back story so much to get one I was comfortable with a good deal of my posts in this RP no longer apply.
C.) I really wasn't a fan of these characters any way,

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused my fellow RPers))
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