Interlude: Ruins of Khaiastar [irrelevant] [private]

Interlude: Ruins of Khaiastar [irrelevant] [private]

Postby Sogen » Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:31 am

Limath sighed in relief as he sat down and began retying his braid in front of the entrance to his new squad's tent in the camp of Lady Niri'qa. The bath had been short to conserve water, little more than a rinse with soap, but it had done wonders to help his mood after slogging lost in the jungle for two days. He shuddered as his mind replayed the events leading up to his rescue.
His squad had come to the jungle in search of ruins rumored to be found there, and had found more than they bargained for, as a strange beast attacked in the night. He'd awoken from a sound sleep to the sounds of the sentry's dying screams, the beast's roars. He'd barely glimpsed the beast as he'd leapt from his bedroll, all he could remember were blurred, disjointed images of dark fur, flashing claws and fangs crashing into the tent, more screams, a shouted command to flee. He'd rolled from the ruins of the tent and fled, and in the days that followed had neither sensed nor seen any sign of his companions.
It was only in the last day he'd sensed any of his kind at all, and they'd been of an unknown clan, he'd stayed back and watched them, cautious of being taken as a slave or killed. He hadn't had long to wait before he'd been surprised to see other drow, of his own clan no less, attack the strangers. He'd rushed to help and had arrived in the nick of time, saving one of his clanmates and disarming his attacker. He'd quickly asked to join the squad, and had been relieved when they'd accepted. His new squadmates had quickly told him of their mission as they secured their prisoner and treated their wounded leader. Now they were back in camp and Limath was happy to have the reprieve.
"Now it's just one more day out here, then back to Sha'shi," he mused aloud, "Sharess willing that my luck holds out."
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