Cloud Piercers ~ To World's End

Cloud Piercers ~ To World's End

Postby Maria » Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:06 am

((An rp to start our group off, set shortly before the group has set off for the Lost City.))

A pale woman awaited in the courtyard of the Yurun’hiir outpost, clad all in highland raider armour with a brown cloak, a mace slung at her hip. Hindrvitni shifted the cloak, adjusting it as if to relieve it of an unknown imperfection. She was up early, as usual, her gear packed and at her feet for the moment, her hair was held tightly in place by a braided bun though the front was wavy and unruly.

“Ghem’shuda…” She tested the name, exploring its sounds and the weight they carried with them. To be honest, she was more interested in the architecture and literature of the city instead of the treasure it held…but, she had to admit it was a nice bonus.

Now where was her brood?
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