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[13] The arrows nearly hit La'shana but they thankfully missed her by a few inches. Shana ducked with everybody into the shack, [10] she stubbornly resisted the urge to puke from the teleportation sickness but a few moments passed and she felt the bile in her mouth forced itself out in violent bursts Fucking hel, goddesdamn! she said before getting a hold of herself Remind me never to do that again. Shit She walked around and looked at paqus' back Stuck in there good, that is. You're gonna have to take a lie down and I'm gonna need some bandages. Taking an arrow out without something to patch that up will have you bleeding like a stuck pig. Shana saw him puking his guts out and gave him a minute Yeah, so did I, guess not. Gotta be prepared for it I guess.
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