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Event archive page recap

Postby suntiger745 on Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:53 am

Dragon Island 10
Language lessons continue.
Parachute tests as well. Some progress is made but a few kinks still have to be worked out.
The ferals return with the finds from their shiny hunt. It includes objects from both the island and the air ship. ;)

Fila'sofi convices Purrsha that just taking the cat isn't nice and tells her to at least trade the owner something for it if she's set to keep it.
Purrsha brings a big sparkly rock (a large, faceted quartz crystal) to trade. The dragon kid can't believe his eyes, that someone would trade a fairly valuable semi-precious gem for one of his toys.
He just doesn't understand how the minds of ferals work. ;)

Dragon Island 9, event page
Visal, Duzhkov and Alkarasu are down in the tunnel they found under the garden. The area immediately under it is fairly roomy nut it narrows down further in.
Since Alkarasu has the misfortune of being very short for a drowolath and both her companions are quite tall, she gets picked to check things out.

Elhvir and Wei'rune have great plans for building the fighting golem, now that they have all this space to play with. The weather might have different ideas though, if Gultyrr's hip isn't lying.
Language lessons begins and golems are being shown off.
An'jhali also summons her summon, with the elder 'scanning' it with interest.
Parachute testing begins in earnest, though only one chute deploys correctly. Nova and some curious dragons are assisting. The glider seems to be working alright, at least for someone with air sorcery.
This is the first serious high altitude non-tethered test of it.

Dragon Island 9, leader page

Took over the scripting while Kern was travelling.
Mae'torani manage to get some new information despite the language barrier.
Most of the page focus on the team that went down with the dragons.
Team consists of: Aleria Vilrath, Sammael, Xenon, Fahir, Oplynache, Aeryll, Nel'seer, a nameless volunteer or two*, Ash'arion and Ze'carga.
The last two are present but not shown, yet.
And Sammael is still a bit smug about that ceak-fueled orgy he got to be part of. Much to Aleria's annoyance.
*I think Kern used two nameless as background characters in the DI10 leader page and there were 10 people in the group. The down team might not get shown entirely consistently because of this. :)
Minalia tries more negotiating and Raeth-zar has started his own cultural and medical exchange, giving one of the dragons a massage to learn more about their anatomy and how to massage them properly.

Dragon Island 8
Exchange of mana knowledge and techniques. And a bit of showing off.
The ferals announce their intent to go on a shiny hunt. An'jhali reassures him about it, then, when out of sight runs in a panic to the ship to tell everyone to lock anything shiny away.
It's futile of course. Nothing shiny can escape the eyes, nose and hands of a feral on the hunt...

Fahir is questioning Ze'carga's fitness for joining the ground team but runs into the later's stubbornness face first. Nel'seer listen's with half an ear but is thinking back to the pleasant orgy last night. Or he's still high on ceak.
Timotheus is enlisting the aid from some curious dragons to help with some parachute testing. Elhvir helped carry the test rocks (with packs) down to one of the dragons' "launching bays" but now get ideas for how to keep building the fighting golem.
Oddy and the ceak-doped dragon returns to their respective places and they are both sore, but not disappointed.
(I had intended for it to be a visual gag where both of them rubs their butts while they say they are a bit sore but Reza didn't draw it for the dragon. Oh well.)

If you have questions for any pages further back, just post it in the thread and I'll address them as time allows.
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Re: Event archive page recap

Postby horusre on Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:01 pm

Raeth-zar has started his own cultural and medical exchange, giving one of the dragons a massage to learn more about their anatomy and how to massage them properly.


Again, thanks are in order. Domo arigato gozaimasu.
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Re: Event archive page recap

Postby Timotheus on Thu Oct 17, 2013 6:39 am

Dragon Island 10 - I'd try sleeving the shrouds in separate tear away paper envelopes to keep them from tangling during deployment, or packing them in separated tube pouches on opposite sides of the pack to keep them isolated as they're pulled out.

Lowering the center of gravity on the glider should improve its stability.

The lifter cores should enable the glider to rise far enough off the ground to catch a breeze and glide higher.

We should see if adding trim tabs to the wings can improve their lift capability.

And it's time to introduce our dragon friends to the squirrel suits and get their advice and help after they stop laughing. Some assisted flying lessons might be great.

It's time to look into starting a second glider.
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