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Re: 130515 Recuperating

Postby suntiger745 on Thu May 23, 2013 8:10 pm

minalia wrote:Still i want all the gem's anyway as for the Fremen mist suit. It's meant to well..create a artificial layer of mana using the sealer gems in the gloves to capture all ambient mana from the emissions of the body of the user and recirculate it around the suits built in air pockets in gas like mist form that will not harm the user. It's kinda meant as a means to delay mana deprivation but i understand it won't work as good as a sargress survival armor but if i can get something that even works 1/3 or even 1/4 as good as what the Sargs have i will consider that a success.

Are you refering to the highland raider armor?
As far as I know it isn't a survival armor in the sense that it helps store/preserve mana. I don't know of any way to do that really. Even gems will be slowly drained in mana-poor environments if they are used as far as I know.

The highland raider armor is an advanced design meant to be (relatively) comfortable even when worn for long periods of time. It has a good "climate control" via golems, most of them have air filters/gas masks and officers often have golem enhancements to their helmets giving them various modes of vision (heat, mana/auras, zooming). It is also supposed to be highly mana efficient so it doesn't drain the user dry even if they use the enchacements on the surface. At least not unless they use them extensively.

Ash'arion wrote:We can continue on and confine the wounded to the airship. The point of the lasting duration of the injuries is to drive home just how serious the consequences of acting without a plan or in ways open to backlash are, I think.

There shouldn't be anyone dying if you continue, but the smaller mana pool on the ship will mke them heal a bit slower.
The point of the injuries, lasting or otherwise, was not really meant as consequences of rash action, it was just to show that even in a minor skirmish like this people get hurt. Sometimes seriously so.

goblin6 wrote:We have about 30+ wounded, does not mean 30+ players are out of commission and their characters cannot participate in future activities until they make a full recovery. Seven characters of active players were shown (me included) in both the LA and EA, the rest are faceless. We are a crew of 300+, we may be down by one-tenth, but we still got the remaining 270+. We can always train other crewman as backup reserves.

Actually, you don't have a crew of around 270. :P
There are still people who didn't go on the airship expedition but choose to stay in Ama'varde instead.

The crew is less than a 100 at the moment, though I'm not putting in any specific numbers. The number of active players is still less than the number of people onboard, so I can be flexible and let people join without having to enforce the ship returning to Ama'varde and pick them up first.

If we have had 100+ active players who posted options and voted I would have to be more restrictive but as it is now it's pretty flexible. Just not quite that flexible. Can't have the whole colony onboard and still have more than half of them back at Ama'varde at the same time. :P
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