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121226 Search for the Island 2

Postby suntiger745 on Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:05 am

Heh, remembered to specify flying above the mist this time. ;)
The cliffs are excellent for nesting birds so there are birds all along the rim. It's quite possible the island has a larger than usual colony though, being even better suited to the birds thanks to not having any land access except from below in the mist (less predators and egg thieves that way).

The map in the leader archive of the 'planning course' page actually shows where you planned to go, including the island. I assumed north was up on the map An'jhali had and the orange dot was your home city.
(If it isn't you home city, my north-east/north-west direction might be off. The Nal'sarkoth outpost was down in the mist though so...).

Anyway, the last panel is supposed to show the ship from above with the prow 'up' and the aft 'down'. With the rim on your right you are thus heading east. ;)

Most ferals do in fact have a very good sense of direction - for places they have already been. They have some trouble relating compass directions to a map however. "Scaled-down representative image of the world" (or a portion of it anyway) is not quite rocket science for them but it takes a while to grasp.
And in that time something more fun is bound to come along and distract them. :P
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Re: 121226 Search for the Island 2

Postby choby40k on Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:42 am

*wee* shiny! thanks for the info
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