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The Ranger Project

Postby Ronyo Storm on Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:55 am

So before anyone rolls their eyes at the name I'm going of the basic idea of what a ranger is and what they could provide for the colony. This would be a specialist group, something I think the colony could start looking at in terms of training and furthering the longevity and prosperity of the colony. We have Hunters that are great at moving through the forests and open county for the sake of stalking animals and doing what hunters do best, track. We have Explorers who can understand road signs, weather patterns, and also track. The idea is to bring skills from both classes into a group who can provide a level of outer perimeter awareness and information gathering of distant issue that could become a danger to the colony.

The rangers would be able to move in smaller numbers than the six member idea, and in theory and best case solo or in a team of just two, and stand watch over the far borders of the colony. Instead of having to send explorers out when we think something is going on we would have the Rangers always out there sending back reports and able to give faster feedback on situations. Take the long ago flare that was never looked into, because we did not have the information to know what to send out and what to expect. The rangers could have been out there and been a silent watcher and maybe even seen what sent up the flare, send a message back by some means (ideally carrier birds, which I believe is a option with the birds we currently have) or back simply running back and telling us what happened. A lone or two person team could move faster than a group and stop less often with the proper training and awareness of their surroundings.

This idea would allow fewer drow to be needed for information gathering and improve our long range understanding of the outside world. This would allow the warriors to stay close and be inner guards so we do not spread our combative forces to thin should a dramatic issue come about. Should something be found in the distance that proves to be a oncoming threat we would be able to either launch a primitive strike or prepare substantial defensive fortifications and plan out what needed to be done. As it is often said, information is vital to any conflict and all matters be them war or domestic are conflicts in some regards, because a colony cannot grow without conflict.

The training would require members of both Hunter and Explorers classes to teach skills necessary for the Rangers to use in their duties. Tracking so they can understand animal movements and send them back to the colony for a better understanding of when the hunters need to go out with bows or head out to fish. Also to understand movement patterns of people and know the difference between drow, animals, and other things. The Hunting aspect would allow the Rangers to be self sufficient requiring a smaller hit on our food rations as they would be taking care of themselves for the most part. Knowing and understanding weather patterns and seasonal shifts to better prepare the colony for large storms that could damage buildings and/or crops. This role would also be one of little spot light and likely few appearances in the comic as a whole. This role would be for those who wish to really help the colony regardless of if they are in the comic or not. Actions and information from the rangers would only require the sending of the information and the receiving of it. While the ranger would have combat capable skills their roles would not be fighting, as they would be overwhelmed by just about any force. They would observe, watch, and record but never intervene unless no other choice was available.

I understand the idea is in a sense large in scope but I think it could truly benefit the colony and help better make use of the resources we have without having to require a large number of drow to be sent off for days without much of anything happening when they could be useful in other areas. Please provide feedback and constructive criticism on the idea.
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Re: The Ranger Project

Postby Nacht on Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:26 pm

The way the game is built we would always be forced to choose between one or the other class.

Also, there is no such thing as training in PTP unless it's to learn how to use a new weapon or item. Hunters are already good at all the hunting skills and explorers are already good at all the explorer skills. So not sure how much this would bring.

Remember this game is not skill but action-focused, meaning that the important thing it to post/vote the right EA and LA. Character training has little to no effect on the game and will not increase the efficiency of any action. This is what we understood from PTP 2.0 and I doubt this has changed much since then.
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