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Conversation with Valts our ptp programmer.

Postby minalia on Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:41 am

This is something that happened just recently and i believe this information must be shared with the rest of the clan.
This was edited so that most of the text would be focused on Vilx answering our ptp members questions mostly. So i removed all the text that was not pertinent.

Minalia: Vilx is the programmer of the new PTP system. Answering some of our questions in the ptp shoutbox.

04:08 Minalia (minalia):So are we gonna get to play with the new system before the end of the year?
04:25 Vilx- (valts): Sure. I was planning to get a beta out this weekend, though I'm not so sure anymore. :( If not, next weekend it is.
04:27 Dycle (Laserkid): I imagine it will be a litle like Daydream with a Slavemaster account for nobles..right?
04:29 Vilx- (valts): A little. The "nobility" will allow to post options in the EA. A usual subscription will be required to post/vote in LA. And nonpaying users will be able to only vote in EA.
04:29 Vilx- (valts): But you will (naturally) get to keep your families and characters, and that's something that Daydreamers don't have.

04:31 Minalia (minalia): but what about the job system..can we switch jobs? as nobles?
04:32 Vilx- (valts): No, it was decided that you each have to decide on one job and stick to it. If you want to change that, you'll have to go through GM (Thalar).
04:33 Vilx- (valts): The GM will have absolute godlike powers (naturally). She will be able to change anything, but you'll have to convince her.

04:34 Minalia (minalia): and the max of characters will be limited to 1 or 2?
04:34 Vilx- (valts): 1. But when it dies, you get to create a new one.
04:35 Vilx- (valts): Otherwise it gets really awkward in many aspects if you can double-play.
04:36 Vilx- (valts): In the current PTP2 (or at least in how it was intended), the switching of a character came with a penalty - you lost the inventory and dropped whatever you were doing.
04:36 Vilx- (valts): So switching would be rare, and only with good reasons. In the new PTP2 (1.5?) there would be no penalties, so people would be practically encouraged to double-play.
04:37 Vilx- (valts): And that leads to many awkward questions, such as - are the voting dropdowns per-player or per-character? Can two characters of the same player intermarry? Etc.

04:37 Loniar (Marsali): But classes would still be able to vote on actions outside their class, right? Like a warrior could help the farmers in the field for a turn, ect?
04:38 Vilx- (valts): As far as I remember, anyone can vote on anything, except for, of course, 1 vote per turn per dropdown.
04:39 Loniar (Marsali): That's brilliant. Thanks so much for the answer. =)
04:42 Dycle (Laserkid): I think there will be GM discression in alot of this
04:43 Dycle (Laserkid): in the case of warriors...imagine 100 faceless a GM I would suddenly have teh Val warriors in command of 50 or so faceless milita
04:44 Vilx- (valts): It's an attempt to make the game a "freemium". Will see how that works out.
04:46 Vilx- (valts): You'll all be in charge of educating the newbies and bringing them down the right path (of power)! XD

05:50 Vilx- (valts): Anywho, if we get 500 free players, it'll be a feat of monumental proportions for Drowtales. I expect Kern will make it a celebration at least!
05:51 Vilx- (valts): Changing votes & options - we discussed that briefly, but decided against. If you think it would be appropriate, bring it up to Thalar.
05:53 Vilx- (valts): Auto-locking: Thalar said she don't care for locking (like in Daydream), so there won't be any. Hence also no auto-locking. Turns will be advanced manually too.
05:55 Vilx- (valts): But, you know, betas are there for people to give their feedback and nothing's set in stone.

06:06 Vilx- (valts): OK. But I think there will be an official announcement when the Beta goes live; as well as an official beta forum thread.
06:13 Vilx- (valts): And, you know, we might still decide to change something.
06:13 Vilx- (valts): So if you do post this, please, leave a note that this is all subject to change

Ok more information in some questions we asked and we got answers.

07:48 Trey'la (3Power): Wait till it's here and functional before getting your hopes up.
08:16 Vilx- (valts): Words of wisdom, indeed. As much as I'd like to promise that beta... I can't. :(
08:17 Vilx- (valts): On the topic of invasion: I don't think you need to fear it. First of all, it's unlikely.
08:18 Vilx- (valts): Secondly, if it does happen, it will actually be good news, because that will also mean a considerable increase in subscriptions.
08:18 Vilx- (valts): And I think that Thalar is quite capable of managing the community.

08:18 Minalia (minalia): don't worry we are used to waiting, for the time being we got a war to win
08:20 Vilx- (valts): Exactly. Thalar actually asked me if it would be possible to sync the coming online of the new system and the timeskip.
08:20 Vilx- (valts): That's what I'm aiming for.

08:24 Xalgoz (Xalgoz): Can you tell us if the free accounts will be able to choose a class?
08:29 Vilx- (valts): Yes, of course. The limitations of the free accounts are: no access to LA voting, no family, no spouse, no child.
08:29 Vilx- (valts): I also expect that they will be drawn faceless in the comic, if at all.
08:31 Vilx- (valts): If a subscriber cancels and becomes a free account, he won't lose his family/spouse/child, but he won't be able to change these things.

08:32 Van'deer (goblin6): Vilx, I have a question about the nobility thing. If I pay into it and my character dies and I make a new one, will that character be a noble?
08:32 Vilx- (valts): Well, you can't change children anyway, so it's the spouses/families part that gets disabled. If you re-subscribe, you're back where you left off.
08:33 Vilx- (valts): This way it's easier for programming, and maybe makes a bit more sense from an in-game perspective.
08:33 Vilx- (valts): @Van'deer - We discussed this and finally decided that the nobility will be a per-user thing. So, yes, your new character will be a noble too.
08:35 Vilx- (valts): FYI - "nobility" will require two subscriptions in PayPal - the regular one plus the nobility one. If you drop the regular one, you will be reset to a non-subscriber status.
08:35 Vilx- (valts): Even though you still have the nobility subscription. So don't do that. :P

08:36 Xalgoz (Xalgoz): Can someone be in a family without being a noble account, even if the family itself has paid for the nobility status and picture?
08:37 Vilx- (valts): Yes. This part deserves to be in a guide or something, I guess. And we haven't decided on the finer details yet too. XD
08:38 Vilx- (valts): Basically the idea is that there's something called "ennobling", which means that it's eligible for becoming a noble, but not really a noble yet.
08:38 Vilx- (valts): When a family buys that picture, it becomes "ennobled", along with all the other people who paid for the picture.

08:39 Xalgoz (Xalgoz): That sounds good
08:39 Vilx- (valts): These people are not yet nobles - they are simply ennobled. Which means that now they can buy the nobility subscription, and THEN they will be nobles.
08:40 Vilx- (valts): When another person joins that family, he is not automatically ennobled, although his family is. He still need to pay a small one-time fee to become ennobled himself.

08:40 Xalgoz (Xalgoz): Will that fee be the $30 picture fee (even though they won't be in the picture)?
08:41 Vilx- (valts): No, it was thought to be something like $15 ennobling fee. But, as I said, we haven't decided on the exact pricing and scheme.
08:42 Minalia (minalia): vilx is the beta suppose to be public or private?
08:42 Vilx- (valts): Public. But with fake data - whatever you do there, won't affect the game. I might even re-import data now and then, and reset everything.
08:42 Xalgoz (Xalgoz): Ok, question about inventory. I assume individual inventory is gone, but will there be a general clan inventory in the future or will it be completely gone from the PTP UI?
08:43 Vilx- (valts): Thalar decided that there won't be any kind of inventory, because it takes way too much time to maintain. You can ask her the details of the implications.
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Re: Conversation with Valts our ptp programmer.

Postby James Rye on Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:30 pm

...What does that mean for my two charas? I like them both, donĀ“t wanna give up on anyone of em. :/
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Re: Conversation with Valts our ptp programmer.

Postby blackjack217 on Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:01 pm

When do the rest of the families get to purchase ennoblement?
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