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Mandatory 1 hour per week Ti'ray practice: y/n?

Yep, sounds good.
Nope, stupid idea.
I have a better idea! (post it!)
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Re: Ti'ray solution: Mandatory practice law

Postby Jaibyrd on Tue May 29, 2012 12:23 am

This is a bad idea. This is just going to make crap 'fighters' with an inflated sense of ability that will just get ploughed under in a real fight, even if there was a way to implement something like this in game, it's just a bad idea.

I have taken martial arts for most of my life, and one thing I have learned in taking it is that I know nothing. I do not train to fight. I train to improve myself mentally and physically - fighting is just but one small part of martial arts and not the point of taking it - a point not many realize. Honestly I don't know what I'd do in a real fight. I suppose it might surprise some of you that I've been actually trained to run, not stand and fight - in most dojos worth something, they do their darnest to disillusion you from ideas that only a couple hours a week will turn you into a perfect martial artist. Standing and fighting gets you killed, even black belts worth their black belts knows this. Even though I've been taking it for years, I am not Bruce Lee - far, far from it. The majority of people cannot be Bruce Lee. Thus I question the logic that mandatory training will make our citizens better at anything.

An example being this, I am a teacher. I'd like to think I'm a good teacher, but I also take Martial arts. Even though I go to the dojo several times a week and my dojo is not one that hands out belts like candy, I am not going to be the best martial artist in the world because I teach all day long and that is my true profession in this life. In other words to become truly competent fighters, everyone would have to give up their day jobs and just train all day like the warriors. We cannot all be warriors and a little bit of training is not going to make us better, just maybe fitter.

As my current Sensei points out often to people coming in to learn self defense, "I do not teach self defense. Go get a gun or a vicious dog or something."

Plus mandatory anything takes all the fun and joy out of it, we shouldn't destroy our Clan's culture in such a mundane way. If its mandatory how can we take pride in it? That we learned it because we chose to learn it and do well in it or because someone said we have to? Which is more likely to instill better values in the long run? :[
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Re: Ti'ray solution: Mandatory practice law

Postby laserkid on Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:09 am

I am against it. Ti'ray is ill-suited for war as the repeated fall of our homelands attests.
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