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Class Equipment and Backpacks

Postby laserkid on Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:23 pm

If you have put class equipment inside your backpack put it back into the warehouse.

Only the Auto Equipped Items are equipped.
Items in your backpack are not equipped
Items in the backpack are not figured into anything your character does other then food and movement, Slaves and Overseer's and Foci and Mana Specialists.
You can not arm from your backpack
You can't even equip them when you switch to the proper class to use them because they are in your backpack and out of the clan inventory.
Even ammunition is drawn from the clan inventory for actions. IE it cost a hunter 100 bone tipped arrows drawn from clan inventory to fell a dear. SO if you have a bow and the ammo to use it and are not a hunter put it back in the clan inventory. Even if you are a hunter put that stuff back, your carting around two bows. You are doing nothing but hindering other people's action.

We are sending our first warrior in harms war with nothing but armor on.

    Architect's Compass (Primary)
    Ruler (secondary +bonus)

    Crafter's Apron (Primary)
    Scissors (secondary +bonus)
    Sewing Needle (secondary +bonus)

    Farmer's Pitchfork (Primary)
    Shovel (secondary +bonus)
    Scythe (secondary +bonus)

    Forester's Axe (Primary)

Golem Engineer
    Golem Engineer's Goggles (Primary)

    Healer's Kit (primary)
    Needle set (secondary +bonus)
    Surgery tools (secondary +bonus)
    Tei'kaliath medic armor (secondary +bonus)

    Hunter's Bow (primary)
    Acid gear, boots (secondary +bonus)
    Acid gear, gloves (secondary +bonus)
    Bola (secondary +bonus)
    Fishing net (secondary +bonus)

Mana Specialist
    Mana Specialist's Focus Staff (Primary)

    Miner's Pick (Primary)
    Gas mask (secondary +bonus)

    Overseer's Whip (Primary)

    Smith's Hammer (Primary)
    Tongs (secondary +bonus)

    Warrior's Armor (Primary)
    Tei'kaliath sword, steel (secondary +bonus)
    TK-74 (secondary +bonus)
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Re: Class Equipment and Backpacks

Postby Ultimatecalibur on Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:53 pm

Currently we seem to have warehouse access no matter where we are, but then again everyone is within 1 square of a road.
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