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Plan anncouncements center for PTP2

Postby minalia on Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:12 pm

With the start of a entirely new and hopefully improved game. This has opened up so many possibilities in actions that can help the clan as a whole in many new directions. Nevertheless this is also very scary since right now once the actions of the current projects are completed. We need folks to come up with plans and post them somewhere to at least inform folks of what project is being started and at what coordinate.

This thread is basically a promotional recruitment thread so folks can just scream per exemple: "Starting building at X-XX, bring builders and trained slaves( hint we got 68 untrained slaves we might need to train them ^^; ) and some mana specialists with earth foci(hint we got small gems, maybe having folks crafting them into earth foci could be needed soon ^^; )."
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