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Dangerous actions.

Postby Tibanna Vilrath on Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:10 pm

i dont know what people are thinking lately. People are rushing actions and endager themselves and everyone who vote for them. i could say let them learn from their mistakes but 1. the votes are needed somewhere else 2. it weakens the clan as a whole if they die or worse (since else you can make a new char) they get maimed.

The newest action of this kind is minalia lake expedition. It was stated clearly last week that its really dangerous to take the boat into the ice covered lake. That would be a huge task alone but the tei'kaliath have nearly zero experience with boats. And since only one day passed in the comic even with todays good weather the lake is still the same.

So i hope there are not enough people to get this started. we can do it in spring or summer when its relativly safe.
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Re: Dangerous actions.

Postby Nacht on Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:35 pm

Well sometimes you need to take risks but within reason. For example I agree that the boat action could have waited, there are many more things to do while it is still winter, we could plan more construction projects... but in the end it is up to each of us to suggest projects that can bring the clan together. For example the greenhouse is working well.

Minalia is well aware of the risks I'm sure, as anyone else who choose to vote for that action know they are putting themselves in danger. Nobody is forced to do it. If you think that the clan should unite more over bigger projects, suggest something and campaign for your votes. I am sure plenty of people will subscribe to a wothwhile endeavour if you provide good enough arguments.

Btw let's also try to keep this reasoned and not degenerate into flame! Arguing creates factions and makes it harder for the clan to work together.
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