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Postby Madea on Thu Aug 30, 2007 1:22 am


Roll 1
Q - 6, 3 = 9
F - 3 = 3

Roll 2
Q - 4, 1 = 5
F - 2 = 2

Roll 3

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Postby Q on Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:15 am

**Quel stepped in the ring a second time. He kept his head high, spending a lot of his remaining energy not to show how exhausted he was from his long walk across the cavern. Just a little more...
His opponent stepped in the ring. A quick look revealed that the man in front of him was merely a novice. Even maybe a little bit intimidated by seeing his first combat. Intimidated ? He should even be more determined to fight. But no.. he was ready to back off... Quel tried to find Shiir's eyes, but couldn't. He knew he was evading his gaze on purpose ; HA ! He'll defenitly owe him one....**

To be continued later...
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Postby Q on Thu Aug 30, 2007 4:09 am

**The combat was quick, almost too quick to be interesting. But making it last would only be mocking the young opponent.
The first round ended up with the young one trying a roundhouse kick toward Quel.
He blocked the kick, grabbed his leg. Pushing a little bit, he put him off balance, shifting his body he forced the kid to turn around, and with a quick movement of the leg made him lose his balance completely and sended him face first in the dirt, his leg folded over him in a lock.
The second round was even quicker. Quel went first to the attack, entering his oppnent`s defense, his fist pressed lightly against his ribs.
Shiir didn`t miss it, at full strenght, this punch would have broken the ribcage, pierced the heart... The combat didn`t need to go further on ; Quel would go to the semi-finals.*
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