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Re: Goals Before the Time Skip

Postby Nacht on Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:17 pm

UPDATE for animal domestication project

4) Animal Domestication
Project Goal: Tame/Domesticate any possible animals of use within our surroundings.
Consequences for Failure: No steady food supply, no milk, no wools, no cheeses, no certain supply of meat, skins, and bones, limits on our supply of beasts of burden and probably no war mounts.

Subgoal A: Tame/Domesticate Flying Horrors for falconry, meat, and/or eggs
-Flying Horror Habitat constructure
-Flying Horror Samples Caught and Caged
-Flying Horror Diet Discovered
-Flying Horror breeding practices --> discovered, are nesting and will lay eggs soon
-Flying Horror Taming has not begun.
-Flying Horror uses for war, guarding, or food not fully explored.

Subgoal B: Tame/Domesticate Mana Rats for use as weapons.
-Mana Rats captured and placed in habitats
-Mana Rat diet discovered
-Mana Rat Training has not begun --> established as being impossible; mana rats not tameable
-Alternate uses for mana rats not fully discovered --> no alternate use needed apart from ecological function of favoring mana plant growth

Subgoal C: Tame/Domesticate Trideer for uses as beasts of burden, meat, and possibly milk.
-Trideer habitat constructed
-Trideer captured and placed within habitats
-Trideer diet discovered
-Trideer taming has not begun --> attempts have been made, slow ongoing process
-Trideer uses in terms of beasts of burden, food, and similar not fully explored. --> soon an EA will be posted to explore new uses of trideer carcass (I will personally make sure of this)

Subgoal D: Tame/Domesticate Kurr for uses as mounts and war animals. --> is this a realistic goal?? I think for the time being it would be more just killing it...
-Kurr habitat not constructed.
-Kurr not captured.
-Kurr diet possibly discovered (but not confirmed)
-Kurr taming has not begun
-Kurr use as mounts and war animals has not been fully explored. Possible breeding program required to remove worst of aggressive impulses.

Subgoal E: Tame/Domesticate Wild Pigs for meat animals. (Achieved?)
-Pig habitat constructed
-Pigs captured
-Pig diet discovered
-Pig taming in progress? --> pigs have been tamed
-Pig uses explored? --> coming soon alongside exploration of additional trideer uses. will be done in autumn when it is pig slaughtering time

Subgoal F: Tame/Domesticate Giant Flying Horrors for flying mounts --> first goal would be finding way of defeating a GFH...
-Find method of capturing a GFH
-Find method of containing a GFH
-Begin taming process
-Begin domestication breeding

Subgoal G: Full Domestication of Lines.
-Pigs Tamed
-More aggressive Pigs bred into hunter/war breed
-More docile pigs bred into food stock breed
-Tame Flying Horrors
-Breed Docile FH into egg and meat breed
-breed aggressive FH into hunting falconry breed
-Tame Trideer
-Breed trideer into beasts of burden/mounts
-Tame Kurr
-Breed kurr into beasts of burden/mounts
-Tame Giant Flying Horror
-Breed GFH for flying mounts
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