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PEP Talks: Business Decisions

Postby Peppilu on Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:37 am

Originally, I was going to just talk about the game mechanics of PtP, but it expanded quite a bit since I started on it *wee* Since I'm only supposed to cover one topic a thread, I'm going to start a series of topics called PEP Talks :D

Like the TED Talks, I want to discuss technology, entertainment, and design. I'll have to think of a clever conversion of this using PEP as the acronym }:3

This is all a work in progress, so I hope you'll all bear with me and excuse the loads of edits I'm sure I'll be making to any given topics.

With the introduction out of the way, on with the show! *wee*

One thing I don't like seeing on the forums and the shoutbox are the claims that the PtP downgrade is a money grab. The Oxford dictionary defines a money grab as “an undignified or unprincipled acquisition of a large sum of money with little effort.” The downgrade from PtP2 to PtP1.X is not a money grab.

Kern has diverted funds from his other projects to keep PtP going before. He said he's not going to do that anymore. So he needs some capital to work with. That's where charging for nobility comes into play. Simple as that. It's not a money grab. It's us, the players, giving back to Kern, the artist, for his services rendered. It's a fair exchange. We give him more money and he gives us what is known in the legal world as 'consideration'. A fair exchange.

The other thing I don't like seeing is people saying how Kern made bad business decisions with PtP2. There was nothing unsound about upgrading PtP. It only seems like a bad decision because we now know how it turned out. Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm certain Kern did not want a bugged game. He didn't know he was going to get a bugged game. Ergo, that's not a bad business decision. Unless all signs pointed to the other party betraying their contract, verbal or written, it was perfectly reasonable to expect the other party to uphold their end of the bargain.

Unfortunately, I don't have any real details on the agreement entailed. From the information I do have, I would recommend a milestone type system. AKA progress payments, interim billing, whatever.

Many other industries pay according to milestones reached to help deter consultants and contractors from delivering shoddy goods or taking longer than agreed. When worded properly, it can also include incentives to stick with deadlines.

As we all know, PtP was way behind schedule and turned out to have a couple serious issues which ruined some of the fun. From a news post, Kern said he sunk $5000 into the PtP2 project. Given that it wasn't a fully completed project, I'm assuming that most of the funds for the upgrade were given up front. With a milestone system, if the contracted party runs off, losses are kept to a minimum.

I hope you all enjoyed the topic :] There will be many more to come :D
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