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Postby minalia on Mon May 23, 2011 12:24 pm

The name explains it very raw what the subject is.

We need to explore the surrounding squares that HAVE NOT BEEN EXPLORED YET.

This is a short list of zones we can explore per 2 turns. The sooner those zones are explore the sooner we can plunder them for all their resources for the construction of our city.


Zone 1. D-20 to D-17. Requirements will be fur coats made by leather crafters from the deers the hunters caught to protect the explorers from the harsh cold winds that may be a prelude for a very harsh season our clan is simply not prepared at this time to deal with.

Zone 2. G-22 to D-22 to simply ascertain the threat of the griffins if there are more nests of those big sized critters. We might have to send military search and destroy teams to wipe them in order to expand in that region. Any farmer who wants to risk their necks right next to those wild game deserves their fate if they get caught by their talons claws if they already know the damn risks and nothing was done to deal with said risk.

Zone 3. G-16 to E- 16 and G-15 to E-15 Exploring the west zone of the ruined city. We need to know the full layout of this big empty ruined city. We also need to know if there are any abandoned golem graveyard sites nearby. Also a good way to try and find those pesky raccoons nests. The other thing is to see how far there might be kotorcs raiding parties and halmes explorers that might want to settle in that ruin.

This exploration can be done in less then 3 turns from now. Zone 2 and Zone 3( G-16 to E-16) can be done rather fast. Zone 1 will require a turn to wait for the completion of the fur coats to lessen the burden of the explorers.
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Re: Exploration.

Postby James Rye on Mon May 23, 2011 1:34 pm

Sounds good to me but you should either made a new thread in the community forum or post it in the scout thread there. As good as no one comes here in the conference hall anymore. Less than 10 views is a sign. In the community you can be at least sure to get over 100 views and thus one or two members ready to explore with other volunteers what you suggested.
Just an advise from me.^^
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Re: Exploration.

Postby Avidavi on Mon May 23, 2011 9:40 pm

We may want to also investigate the entire perimeter of the lake *bigsmile* .
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Re: Exploration.

Postby drakanor on Tue May 24, 2011 4:19 am

I'd Like to go through Zone 3 personally.
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Re: Exploration.

Postby Jonarus_Drakus on Tue May 24, 2011 4:30 am

Having an at least semi-warrior team, I figure I (and the rest of Dragoneye Team) are the ones best suited to scouting zone 2... I would prefer to get some more training up for the team though... which is a problem since we don't have a skills system (at all really) at this point...

I also agree with Alu's recommendation of going around the entire lake edge... Thing is, if we had something a little more than a crude raft, that could be done much safer (and quicker) from the water...

At this point I'll be taking the east (zone2) - though I'll probably split it into parts, G22-F22 in one action, and E22 and D22 in another later action (that way i can actually search the areas instead of simply 'scouting' them)

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