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The Trek to the Surface (Chel->Outpost->Site).

Postby laserkid on Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:11 am

This discussion is for how the main group should present ourselves to any onlookers that come across us on our journey to the colony site.

We have a few choices.

Do we carry ourselves like an army, with weapons at the ready and banners flying? Scouting patrols forward and on flanks, Warriors and militia (armed non-warriors) in marching ranks and Non-combatants to the rear.

Do we carry ourselves as a group of refugees, with weapons stowed out of site and no banners? Warriors and militia surrounding non-combatants.

There are practical and political advantages and disadvantages to both. Animals may attack either way, but might be scared off by the massed foot falls of warriors and militia in step.

Advantage 1: Discourages bandits by portraying a hard target.
Advantage 2: Maximum battle readiness.
Advantage 3: Faster.
Disadvantage 1: Will seem aggressive to onlookers and by extention their leadership.
Disadvantage 2: Increased fatigue.
Disadvantage 3: Doesn’t have that fun adventure feel.

Advantage 1: Non-aggressive looking.
Advantage 2: Less fatigue.
Advantage 3: A better time with everyone mixing together.
Disadvantage 1: May provoke bandits.
Disadvantage 2: Impaired battle readiness.
Disadvantage 3: Slower.

So do we come on strong or try and slip by?
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Re: The Trek to the Surface (Chel->Outpost->Site).

Postby Jonarus_Drakus on Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:26 am

On one hand, i fully support/encourage keeping combat personal (warriors, scouts, MS, etc) mobilized and ready in case of threats... But on the other hand, we should make a point of keeping a low profile, so no banners or anything massively obvious (beyond any military uniforms/armours, etc)...

So, its not really a case of one or the other, but taking the best aspects of both...

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Re: The Trek to the Surface (Chel->Outpost->Site).

Postby Tamo Shua on Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:49 pm

Couple of hundred people, um Drow moving through a cavern, emblems on clothing ect, no, low profile is out of the question.
One can be organized (Ranks is you will.) and still look none hostile.

The lowest profile I can think of is not telling any where we are going.
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