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What location would you like to found our surface settlement at?

#1 Halme/Hermoine contested Plateau
No votes
#2 Dokkalfar Pass, Plains near Chel entrance
No votes
#3 Hidden Mist Ravines
#4 Cliff area overlooking Nidavellir/Sea of Mist
#5 Western Edge of Amaranth Forest
#6 Eastern Amaranth Forest, Mimaneid border
#7 Remote northern area with floating islands
#8 Remote northern mountain area
#9 Edge of Nagyescsed, crumbling human kingdom
#10 Non Preselected Location
#11 No Determined Preference Yet
Total votes : 28

Preliminary Settlement Location Poll

Postby Xalgoz on Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:52 am

Since no one has made a poll yet, here we go. You can change your vote as we receive more information. If you want to vote for something other than the 9 preset options, pick the 10th one. Vote for 11 if you just want to click a button to see results, you can change it later.
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Re: Preliminary Settlement Location Poll

Postby James Rye on Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:44 pm

I would like to settle between option 3 and 5 since we could use the caves in it to make them wider and let our settlers live in a environement similar and familar to chel (underground that is) but even be hidden better instead right being inside the forest.
At the same time we and the settlers can farm the valley, make an outpost at 4 and 5 for trading and ressources, have mines at 3/our settlement and the only enemys we got are the fauna and maybe some ferals in the forest; humans and other enemy drow clans are far away and we´ll be good hidden from chel and their jealous clans for awhile.^^
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Re: Preliminary Settlement Location Poll

Postby ferilfighter on Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:36 pm

I like the idea of option number 5 though that may change after more information is made available to us about the area.
I think number 5 is good because we would have access to ample supplies of wood which from my understanding would be a good trade resource as Chel does not have easy access to trees.

The lands are fertile so it should make agricultural works easier (though i admit that i dont know what we can grow there) than they have been in the underworld which should hopefully offset the loss of food we can produce from fishing as from what I can see on the map there does not appear to be to be any rivers or lakes, if this is the case then we could convert the nets and lines into hunting traps for small and medium sized animals.

I like J'hon's idea as well, my only concern is that the outposts may have a large amount of travel time between them and the colony which make transporting goods from them hazardus.

(i wasant sure wether i should post this here or in the thread with a link to this one sorry if i got it wrong)
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Re: Preliminary Settlement Location Poll

Postby Jonarus_Drakus on Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:14 am

Of the pre-set locations, i like 5 the most, no (potential) threat more advanced than Ferals (Not that I'm fooled into believing that we would be completely safe from human and/or drow threats - they would just be further away). The reason i suggested the location immediately to the west of there, in the foothills, is because we can have an increase in mining/quarrying opportunities, while still remaining close enough to fertile land for hunting and farming and the like, a hillside location would also be easier to both conceal and defend, so positives there as well...

@firefighter: Travel times to resources are almost certainly go to be an issue to some extent regardless of where we settle... If we settle right at 5, the issue will be traveling to aquire mineral resources instead (thanks for noticing it though :P)

Ultimately, i belive the foothills location is best because it will provide us with access to a wider variety of directly accessible resources, reducing our reliance on trade to get needed materials (the closer we can get to being fully self-sufficient the better I say!)

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Re: Preliminary Settlement Location Poll

Postby minalia on Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:43 am

Kern said we will get a zoom feature with more detailes maps on each location from those zoomed out maps we will be able to choose a precise location to build our city. We need access to fresh water from digging wells or a river, pre established natural defenses like being on top of a hill, hell even get on ancient city ruins will be fine since we would have around 10-15 years to rebuild the ruins. Im going to have to say no for the floating masses for 1 single reason, crappy access to water. I don't know how them rules of physics don't really apply..ok they do in some cases with how the mana elements are used in this world setting. Water from flying mountains don't magically replenish themselves unless there is constant rain on top of them giant floating stones.

What do we want to kill first? We got plenty of people we will have to meet and kill if things go out of hand. Not everyone we meet will be friendly or even greet us with a friendly smile. Most likely they will see our dark skin first and think of them evil demonic beings from those bedtime stories their mothers told them to put them to sleep There is simply no way we can possibly change the natives mindset not for at least a few generations. It's just ain't possible. There are far to many real life examples of things going horribly terribly wrong of what happens when you put 2 completely different groups with preconceived notion of the other group being this or that. Its gonna cause a cascade of hate that eventually will end in a damn tragedy.

Do we want to meet hermiones. halmes the niag? Hell i don't know how to write that one..or where does kern come up them crazy names. Those humans we can try and relate to but to me they are scavengers with primitives tools and they did not build anything they simply went straight to them empty dark elven ruins and redecorated the place. 'Bloody cavemen who went from being hunter gatherers to dark age like civilization level overnight (like playing civilization game and using cheat codes XD ). Orcs, green skin brutes with low IQ, from what i read they breed like rabbits and like to fight. They might prove to be a problem if we find tribes and dealing with ferals should also be considered to be a dangerous hostile force if we can't find a way to communicate with them. And those suckers are not fae based creatures, the minameids absolutely despise the Nals, hell they will kill them on sight and if they learn that we are in this settlement because of the Nals they will kill us without hesitation or warning.
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Re: Preliminary Settlement Location Poll

Postby Tamo Shua on Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:56 pm

I like options two and nine. I will vote for which ever one has the most votes in it.

Location two is a planes region, once water is found growing grain, trees, and fruit will be simplest way to gain needed cash. Fortifications will be needed almost immediately to protect ourselves. Traders who stop by, and what we grow. A tall watchtower should command a view of the surrounding land. If we settle near the mountains to the east. That should provide water and iron, and the rest, once it’s found.

Location nine is one for war, fortifications, weapons, and exploration. A conquest game if you will. Where food and trade will be secondary. On a personal note I don’t like the fanatics that kill. The Nagyescsed Ariel found in the upper northern town, and I would like to see them wiped out. Where the Haltonreibe seem to be used to us and that could be fun. We could make allies of them. Or failing that, plutocracy.

Anywho, that's my thinking so far, untill more information is gathered.
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