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Counting the Dead

Postby Merlune on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:53 am

Here are our fallen: I hope this helps in some manner.

Bronith - Forge worker
Fel'urion - Forge worker
Kain - Forge worker
Kaminari - Forge worker
Pacsik - Forge worker
pen'elirae - Forge worker
Wod'rar Al'dun - Forge worker

Dsieda Tei'keliath Al'dun - Scout assistant
J'hon D'rak - Scout assistant
Kir'ima's corpse Chess'uit - Scout assistant

Da'neel Di'Guard - Harvester
Keris`seth - Harvester

Aveet - Warrior
Daenerys Tolo - Warrior
Darik - Warrior
Elros Al'monair - Warrior
Fel'lor - Warrior
Geldriia Aiur - Warrior
Kael Sekai - Warrior
Kerr Nigit To'ast - Warrior
Ky'osarae Sulli'matrika - Warrior
Rasha - Warrior
Rulishia - Warrior
Velano - Warrior
Vholk Kaldaka - Warrior
Wil'liraen - Warrior
Xao - Warrior
Zhanghara Shirlossen - Warrior

Maiq (Mike) - None

Nearly dead (incapacitated):
Taruna Nimaraidh - War master
Ehid'rin - Warrior
Laerei Nimaraidh - Warrior
Maren kyorl'chath Suru - Warrior
Rahil'rez Al'dun - Warrior
Tathdrinjss Zerr'andaes - Warrior
Tiani'Jadel - Warrior
Tri'vaz - Warrior
Yasha - Warrior

Heavily wounded:
Kitab Al'Ibar Sel'dalharen - Scout

Biel Tel'Mari - Blacksmith
Gojinki Rein'Annas - Forge worker
Khasidel Ihendrethan Tei'kaliath - Forge worker
Mari'ciel Kahalla'kar - Forge worker
Neth'Razan - Forge worker
Seraphina Karandra Karandras - Forge worker

Tohya Nosse'luma - Engineer
Cyn - Tech
Iintala Teikaliath Rein'Annas - Tech
Kearjih Rein'Annas - Tech
Lyrthis D'rak - Tech
Nohy - Tech

Finnian - Studio hands
Laz'are Ti'sora'naqua - Studio hands

Tal'ray Sil'iluuth Sel'dalharen - Scout assistant
Cressin/Wiseman Tel'kaliath Sekai - Scout assistant
Etus'ien - Scout assistant
Jan'Telle To'ast - Scout assistant
Kazdrin To'ast - Scout assistant
Klovis - Scout assistant
Li Temaal Nimaraidh - Scout assistant
Sun'Alver Tei'Kaliath Al'dun - Scout assistant
Tamo Shua - Scout assistant
Xalgoz Kae'sora - Scout assistant

Nel'Seer - Overseer
Sen´gil Nimaraidh - Overseer

Dewbe Sel'dalharen - Harvester

Aara Al'dun - Warrior
Durlyn Karandras Teikaliath Karandras - Warrior
Meck kyorl'chath Suru - Warrior
Oru Nimaraidh - Warrior

Vari'den - None

Slightly wounded
Eldri`caldeyi Ti'sora'naqua - builder
Minalia - builder

Ka'Taliyn Chess'uit - Mana specialist
Lua'nar Zerr'andaes - Sorcerer

Nova Adha'jeo - Scout assistant
Serantis Teikaliath - Scout assistant

Khanzalika Adha'jeo - Slavemaster
Lor'tohm Adha'jeo - Overseer
Tidus Adha'jeo - Overseer
Toreuol Karandras - Overseer

Arull - Warrior
Munafiere - Warrior
Ral - Warrior
Shana Jinx Kahalla'kar - Warrior
Sigan - Warrior

Alesi'a - None
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Re: Counting the Dead

Postby waffleferret on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:59 am

I wish you did that befor I made my obituary I had to look and find them my self X3 and yes this helps alot , you have 28 counted dead as well right?
btw Aveet=blood she changed her name when she died in an attempt to make a new charater.
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Re: Counting the Dead

Postby Sukrai on Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:16 am

Man! I went from only slightly wounded to flat out dead.... Damnit...
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Re: Counting the Dead

Postby Exate on Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:16 am

Except for Maiq, all the miners seem to have vanished off the clan roster. Here's our personnel list as of the last time our tracking spreadsheet was updated, though unfortunately I'm not certain how long ago that was:

Lumini'alo Aura'elial
Reylitha Thessar

I (Ruennai) am only Wounded, as I can easily find my own profile to check that. Maiq is dead. I'm not sure which others made it, but most of us didn't.
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Re: Counting the Dead

Postby Elkantar on Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:17 am

I am dead.

Apparantly when they removed Maiq as the leader of the Miners, it caused the miners list to vanish. >.>
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Re: Counting the Dead

Postby James Rye on Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:52 am

You know reading that means we got a whole lot uf us still at east.

If the confernece room forces runs away now, those at east will end up all dead since the BS will attack in case they notice a huge group of us leaving Ther since it´s not possible to do that quietly.
Also Kern´s BS seemed to be emntalists and pretty much knew how to counter every time our moves (expect the suicide bombing cause that was bat-shit crazy ^^; ).

If the conference room forces runs now, the clan is no more since about half and alot of ranked out there at east are bound to die by default. :(
And it is pretty much impossible to rebuild a clan with crafters, techs and so on. We will need everyone for that.
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Re: Counting the Dead

Postby Whizzard on Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:05 am

From Taruna's C.Centre wrote:The list of dead warriors:
Daenerys Tolo
Geldriia Aiur
Ky'osarae Sulli'matrika
Vholk Kaldaka
Zhanghara Shirlossen

Rest in peace, brothers and sisters.

16, out of 35, we are down by nearly half and most of rest are incapacitated. Last time we lost so many warriors was with purge.

List of incapacitated:
Maren kyorl'chath Suru
Rahil'rez Al'dun
Tathdrinjss Zerr'andaes

All of em were rescued from the battlefield last turn. In total 9.
25 warriors down of 35, we have 10 warriors who are still able to fight, out of them, only 2 - Ayame and Nal'Rune - are perfectly healthy.
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