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Re: Abuse of the LA voting system

Postby Catriana on Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:48 am

blackshade10 wrote:What if said person was worried that a duel could end in death? Does it not then become a worry? While this was a tad unncessary, mainly because I believe both options were posted after the deadline, I still think that trying to push an option through that bypasses a decision Anjhali has already decided on is worthy enough to say "No." to.

Then maybe it should be stated as a reason. And I've already argued about the whole 'option posting' thing in the other thread, I assure you I find no party in the right here and the fact that it got to that point shouldn't have happened.

"Anj'hali could be harmed, let's not do the duel." Is a more legitimate statement. For one, it expresses the concerns of a clan member and it actually does look like you're contributing. Sometimes you can make the same point and it hold significant meanings depending on how it is said. I never said posting a counter option was wrong, but the way it was worded? Pointless vote IMO. If I had seen something like that quote above, I would have shrugged it off because it's a valid concern. That's not how it happened.
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