Where the clan gathers to discuss the issues raised in the Leader and Event archives.
The Conference Room is for serious discussion only.
Everyone is encouraged to participate, but this forum has special rules! Make sure to read it before posting!

Important: Rules for the Conference Hall

Postby Thalar on Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:44 pm

Official note:

The Conference Hall is for serious discussion only.

This subforum has two purposes: To discuss the clan's issues in a serious manner, and to make it easier for clan members to find specific issues and read the discussions that have gone on in the past.

The Conference Hall is completely OOC. No IC posts allowed.

* One issue per discussion thread.
* The subject title should reflect the issue being discussed.

* If an issue should turn out to actually be several smaller issues that need separate discussions, please split the old thread into a thread per single smaller issue, and just link to these new threads in the original thread.
- This is in order for all the smaller issues to be allowed a proper discussion, instead of one of them overshadowing all the others.

* Do NOT discuss more than one issue per thread.
* Do NOT post a new thread unless one does not exist for the issue you wish to discuss.
* No flaming, please moderate yourself.
* Do not reply when angry or upset, take a breather.
* Re-read your post before hitting "Submit".

Any questions or complaints, please PM Thalar.
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