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Spector Missions. -Fall of the Citadel-

Re: Spector Missions. -Fall of the Citadel-

Postby IkaikaKekai » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:09 am

Che would look to Idra, "The Force it not something so simplistic as that. There are mechanisms that can be activated by the force, but they would require a force user to activate them. Besides Jedi would not do such things, they fancy themselves peacekeepers, they would not get much peacekeeping done if everyone who sought an audience's head exploded." He would pause, "That said, there are such techniques to 'explode heads' as you put it, but they are more in the specialty of the Sith. I also do not know 'all' about the Force."

Ikaika would chime in, "I've seen more than just mind tricks. I got a holocron full of Republic Clone War footage, and I mean like unedited helmet cams, black box recorders on fighters, not the stuff you see in old newsreels. Lot of Jedi stuff in them, you know, before they attempted to assassinate the Emperor? Throwing tanks at other tanks to destroy them. That would have been something to see in person." Ikaika would raise up his carbine once they got to the door. Che would wave his hand and open the doors wider. "Just like that." Che would walk right into the temple, his end of his robe dragging on the ground as Ikaika followed him in, carbine ready and stepping for cover. "Now I step into your Sanctuary Jedi. It will not end like last time. I shall leave no survivors." Ikaika would quitely send a text only message to Gaul and Idra's HUDs: This guy's gonna get us killed. How you wanna handle it?
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Re: Spector Missions. -Fall of the Citadel-

Postby Brawl97 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:20 am

Nel shrugged You're a breath of fresh air, anyone tell you that whiskey? Well, good to know at least a little more, one less thing to worry about. she said with a scoff. Nel hoped that she could take the weirdo at his word, this situation was out of her area of expertise. She readied her rifle for a shootout.
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Re: Spector Missions. -Fall of the Citadel-

Postby Gunbird » Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:55 pm

Whisky was somewhat surprise that there was not a sole in this city. He turned to Gaul. “Looks like who ever left yeas ago. Who informed you about this place?”

He then smiled at Nel after hearing her joke…oh at lest he thought it was a joke.“Fresh air, Eh? Most woman just plainly call me fresh. Thats before I bless then in a bed.”

He herd Ikaika macking threats to some who might be in the temple. He coked a eyebrow.”What are you talking about? What do you mean no survivors?”
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