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Destructible Times (Command & Conquer X-over)

Re: Destructible Times (Command & Conquer X-over)

Postby IkaikaKekai » Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:15 am

Carl opened fire as soon as Nod yelled 'Kill'. He would keep his finger on the trigger as he side stepped for cover, releasing only when he went to go fully behind cover. He'd pop out to empty his magazine, ducking behind cover again as he unclipped one of the new grenade disks, throwing it from behind cover, only exposing his hand as the disk sailed and bounced off the hallway towards the Heretics, taking the opportunity to reload his magazine before the explosion. "I'm gonna need helmet or gun cam if anyone saw that." He'd pop back out and fire bursts down the hallway, ducking back after every 3rd burst.
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Re: Destructible Times (Command & Conquer X-over)

Postby CutieSquiggoth » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:12 am

The corridor was poorly lit, somehow the NOD seemed to like this, but it worked to Sin's favour as it left plenty of shadows and inclines of darkness.

As the gunfight erupted around her, Sin sank into one of the nearby shadows, and rose up in a similarly poorly lit corridor not too far away, in fact just the right distance so she could flank the NOD from here.

After checking to ensure that nobody was behind her, she tossed a grenade into the NOD troopers and began shooting, popping into and out of shadows as they turned to see their new attackers. Sin loved the confusion and casualties she was causing :)
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