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A Situation of Carnage And Mayhem

A Situation of Carnage And Mayhem

Postby Obsidian Agent » Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:04 am

Congratulations! You've now been made commanders in the armies of Chel's noble houses as of 1099. Your troops have unfailing loyalty to you, and will march into the Netherworlds themselves in your name. That's the good news. Now, for the bad.

Every five years, waves of increasing... unpleasantness... will descend upon the world, triggering all sorts of problems. And you have to deal with them. Who are these threats? Let's find out!

1104 - The Nidraa'chal go on an early offensive, openly taking over Felde, and fortifying it to ridiculous levels.

1109 - Hermionne attacks quintuple.

1114 - A meteorite containing Tiberium crash-lands not far outside of Ys, and the Brotherhood of Nod (Command & Conquer) shows up.

1119 - A seemingly abandoned military base materializes on the surface, not far outside the Nidaevlir. The base belongs to an "Armacham Technology Corporation", and Alma (F.E.A.R.) is lying in wait. So is Fettel.

1124 - Dozens of Portals to the Burning Hells (Diablo) open up, and the Prime Evils send out their legions.

1129 - A UNSC (Halo) Fleet arrives, and prepares both investigation and colonization efforts.

1134 - The Cardassians (Star Trek) arrive, and try to claim the planet for their colonization and mining interests.

1139 - A Mi-Go Hive Ship (CthulhuTech) shows up, and the Mi-Go begin invading, as well as brainwashing inhabitants.

1144 - The Flood (Halo) begins to invade.

1149 - The Borg (Star Trek) launch their invasion.

Your mission? Ensure that at least 51% of the planet's population survives these... calamities. Even if this includes making peace and alliances with some of these factions (which is recommended). If that's the case, than you can also play as a commander from those factions as well, since multiple characters will be allowed. I'll control the NPCs. The RP will be divided into arcs, that cover the (in-game) five-year periods. As soon as one objective is met, the next arc will begin, though, we could still be dealing with the fallout in other arcs, and they could come back with a vengeance later. Good Luck.
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