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Drow and Halm (a game of Cat and Mouse)

Drow and Halm (a game of Cat and Mouse)

Postby SoulCode » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:47 pm

Yo! I'm the semi-active guy who loves to post in the RP! Problem's on problems however, make a steady RP from living long.
I don't think I solved any of those in this, but I don't care! I'll try anyhow *wee*!

Anyway, I'll save you the dramatic origins of where this idea came from and get straight to it!
This RP will be like the name says, a game. The 'cat' are drow, the 'mouse' are goblins (mostly)

You play in this RP you'll be one of two:
1. Drow, I care not which clan, for you will be hunting down the other players

2. Goblin, member of Thz Home, avoiding and resisting the other players

Note: Don't know what Thz Home is? Thought so, here's a link: Too lazy to click it? Fine here's an summery: Thz home is a hidden haven for anyone oppressed by the drow. It's mainly goblin races but there are the cast aside drow slaves and servants.

I will have a char on each side, so even if you all choose one side, the game will continue.

Game Rules are simple: There is no final win, and there is no final lose. The 'Cats' are trying to discover Thz Home's location and destroy/conquer it. The 'Mice' are trying to cripple the drow while keeping Thz Home hidden.

The whole point is to have an opposition and goal for your character. Also to have epic fights I'll draw.
You heard right! I'mma adding pics if the event is epic enough.
What's that? My drawings suck? Well if your's are better, by all means rub my face in your greatness and post em!

Cats, You'll start by somehow hearing whispers of Thz Home
Mice, You'll start by living in Thz Home, (Note: its a val estate in a hidden cavern)
Now make a Guy (or gal) and get in there!
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