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List of things [Insert Name Here]...

List of things [Insert Name Here]...

Postby OriginalBubs » Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:12 am no longer allowed to do in the Sarghress military.

1. Red is standard issue. Wearing maroon, orange, or, Sharess help you, pink, is at no time acceptable.
2. The excuse "Only officers and recruits wear standard issue" is not a viable one.
3. (Clarification) Red body paint is not standard issue. No matter how much the others like it.
4. You may not visit Orthorbbae while on duty in order to "scout future prospects".
5. Golems are not clotheslines.
6. Caricatures of high-ranking Sharen officials may not be drawn on dummies/targets/training equipment at any time. Even if it makes the Sergeant laugh.
7. You may not eat chocolate in formation unless you brought enough for everyone.
8. (Next Day) You may not eat chocolate in formation even *if* you brought enough for everyone.
9. Under NO circumstances are you ever EVER to call Quain'tana "flat as a washboard".
10. Especially when she's drunk.

((So I wasn't really sure where to put this, and I decided to do it here. What I'm aiming for is a light-hearted list of humorous, non-canon actions that are ridiculous in nature but that might [just might] happen in the Sarghress. Open to anyone with a sense of humor and a witty remark, you don't even have to like the Sargs 8P . Shamelessly inspired and borrowed from Skippy's List. He owns the idea, I just thought a DT version would be fun. Not really RP, but if you want to include a character name in the [Insert Name Here] field you can. Example post provided.))
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Re: List of things [Insert Name Here]...

Postby Sy'rasri » Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:24 am

*lol* That is so awesome! Oh, man that is funny.
Oh I have one...edit: I have two.
11. You are not allowed to visit the Sullisin'rune Dome while on duty.
12. The excuse of "I wanted to forge an alliance with someone at the Dome" is not acceptable.
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