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Drowtales Mech Wars -Sign ups-

Drowtales Mech Wars -Sign ups-

Postby django » Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:33 pm

I'm planning on Rebooting my old Space age game but this time it all mech warfare so some new rules apply.

-All mechs are to follow this Character sheet.

These Meches are not the 20 story tall Gundam but are around the size of the mech from District 9 so around twelve feet tall.

Unit code name-

Type- (Human Para Space Commandos or Drow 75th Raider unit your choice)

Armaments- (Each mech Has three slots to fill up for their weapons, this also incules any utilites like cloaks and shields. Im also not going to put up a list of dos or do nots for weapons because I might miss some But I will just say yes or no.)

As a note Shields can only take so much damage and need to recharge are so many hits and Cloakings is for limited time only. And All mech get standard Radar, night vision, Thermal vision, and radios for free

A basic Human or Drow Character is also required.

Rank: Privet/ Privet 2nd class/ Corporal or Sargent are your choices.
Other Gear:

Back ground: Just a basic back ground would be good enough for me.


Unit code name- Caliber
Type- Drow
1) Beam sword attached to the left arm.
2) Shields
3) Chain gun

Name: Arthin Terrin
Rank: Captain
Weapons: Space age drow assault rifle and pistol. 4 Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knives, 4 mana (Drow fag), 4 flash grenades.
Other Gear: Combat webbing and Combat fatigues. Gsp, Multiple purpose helmet (with heat vision, Night vision), fore arm computer. last but not least Basic survival kit.

Background: Arthin came from a long line of soldiers dating back to the earliest centuries in drow history. His family is wealthy and they own several business because of that Arthin donates most of the checks to families that lost loves ones in combat.
Arthin joined the army at a very young age and lied about his age. He was a year under age limit but when the army caught him they charged him ten ada, mostly because he did very well in his classes. After a 21 weeks of basic training he signed on to the 75th raider unit from there he passed the intence course that only twenty five percent make it in to.
Arthin has seen combat all around, from urban street fighting to jungle warfare to black ops. All this fighting has earned him several well earned merits like Bronze star, Soldier's Medal, 5 purple hearts, Defense Meritorious Service Medal and a silver star.
On his off time he Targets shoots competitively with 3 gold, 2 silver world metals to himself. He lives with a Mate and two kids. He also likes to bowel.

Description: 6 '1' foot, solid built body with blond hair.

Personality: Arther treats his comrades well as long as they work hard but those who dont respect him he'll work hard but that usually not a problem. He Keeps a smile on to bring moral up and tends to cuss when he gets frustrated or flustered.
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Re: Drowtales Mech Wars -Sign ups-

Postby Reeds » Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:52 pm

Unit code name-Dragon

Type- Drow 75th Raider

1) Palm mounted beam weapon; one per palm.(100kv range, Multi-function can be used as a high-intensity cutting torch, rapid fire pulse weapon or a long range sniper.)
2) Tungsten carbide claws (Can be used for just what they were designed for. Shredding it's target)
3) Back mounted micro rocket pods (40 rockets per pod, two pods can be loaded with high explosive anti armor, or non-lethal rounds.)

Name: Maki'eda
Race: Drowolath
Sex: Female
Age: 40
Weapons: Basic sidearm, tungsten carbide combat knife.
Other Gear: Insertion suit, survival kit.

Description: Maki stands at 5'10" with shoulder length white hair, faded violet hued eyes and fair yet slim facial features. She is quite attractive. Wearing the typical, skin tight body suit, she has a small orange spiral tattoo on her right cheek. She herself is slim yet maintains a well toned physique, indicating she does partake in the physical training facilities from time to time to keep herself in shape. Off-duty, Maki wears a short sleeved t-shirt and a pair of sport shorts and generally has her hair tied into a pony tail.

Back ground: Maki joined the 75th simply because she had no place to go. She lived on the streets, no future no family, no life. No one expected her to do as well as she did, but she surprised everyone especially as a golem pilot. She was given the training and courses required, maybe it was because she had no where else to go, but Maki'eda placed first in her training and combat classes, displaying an aptitude that marked her as a sort of natural. As long as she did good, she got paid, and as long as she got paid, she did her best. Eventually she was shipped off into active duty under a Drowssu named Arthin; a decorated and accomplished soldier. Now she didn't consider it an honor, she just considered it another active assignment. You see, Maki has seen quite a few in her short time in active service and to her this was just another chance to get her paycheck. She loved the work and the people, but in all honesty she did it for the monetary gain. Her life's goal was to retire in a few decades and start a family of her own Maki is certainly, a girl with simple tastes and ideals.
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Re: Drowtales Mech Wars -Sign ups-

Postby necroBohemian » Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:25 pm

Unit code name- Phoenix

Type- Human Para Space Commandos

1) Dual triple arm-mounted 30 mm automatic cannons (High-Explosive Incendiary rounds)
2) "Talons" (grappling claws)
3) Back-mounted thrusters

Name: Guy Gyfford
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 45
Rank: Corporal
Weapons: RPG, SMG, and Bowie knife
Other Gear: Tactical vest, combat helmet and pants, and a survival kit.

Guy is about six-and-a-half feet tall with light brown hair in the typical army buzzcut, light stubble, slightly tanned skin with a few scars, and a very muscular build. He is aggressive and at times intimidating to his enemies, but kind and supportive to his allies.

Growing up, Guy was very interested in the army, and joined as soon as he was old enough. He soon became somewhat notorious for his gung-ho and slightly reckless behavior. He started as a normal foot soldier but would often try to take down tanks, and mechs when they started appearing in combat, on his own. He was not always successful, of course, and was often disciplined for putting his squad in danger and occasionally seriously injured. However, a lot of missions were successful because of him, and his personality usually kept his crew's morale up. Guy's superiors thought it would be a shame to let him go, but he was not suited to his current positon. They decided he would be better suited to operating his own mech and working in small groups or on his own. Phoenix, his mech, was soon made according to his specifications. Though he will still get out and fight on foot if something happens to it.
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Re: Drowtales Mech Wars -Sign ups-

Postby django » Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:24 pm

Dragon and Phoenix are approved for play.

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