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Let's PLAY! Dwarf fortress

Let's PLAY! Dwarf fortress

Postby kylefiredemon » Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:12 am

Before I start, who here knows how to play dwarf fortress? Planning on making a bloodline game. For those who don't know what this game is, here is a link. and the wiki . If anyone needs a tutorial on this game (you will need it here is another link . Now i have gotten past the link, let me explain what we are about to do.

The king and Queen declare that there is a a fortress to be made to increase the wealth of the kingdom, they have tasked seven dwarfs to do one thing. To build a Dwarf fortress. The seven dwarves will face harsh winters, goblins, pansy elves, food shortage, alcohol shortage, rampant stupidity to simmer with a sprinkle of useless nobility. We shall win the day and STRIKE THE EARTH.

Now we are playing a succession game meaning, that we take turns (one year) to rule the roost and tell the stories happened in said fort, you may take snapshots, narrtive storytelling or write it like a diary! If your interested post here so we can get started!

PS. If anyone doesn't like the ASCII graphic tiles there are fan made ones to dress the game better.
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