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The Whetstone, Tavern & Inn

Re: The Whetstone, Tavern & Inn

Postby Wirewolf » Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:14 am

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Re: The Whetstone, Tavern & Inn

Postby Dracomatic2000 » Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:05 am

Dern slapped a few coins down on the bar counter and declared, "I'll take the commons" right before heading off in that direction to get some rest.
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Re: The Whetstone, Tavern & Inn

Postby Natural1 » Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:46 am

Time passed.

People went to their rooms and the top floor, the tavern floor, fell silent as everyone ventured off to sleep. Those who didn't go to rooms left the Whetstone entirely. Those who refused to leave the tavern floor were escorted out. The squat fortress remained quiet for a few hours before those of keen ears could hear footsteps and chattering as new guests went up to the tavern floor. Who were these newcomers? Who was to know. In any case, they talked and bantered throughout the night and when the night began to fade into the day, they descended back into the darkest depths of the fortress.

Day had turned to night and night had turned to day. There was the faintest light outside, dim sunlight pouring forth from the huge chasm that led to the surface. Otherwise, the Netherworld was as dark as ever. New bouncers replaced the old as they looked as though they were about to slump to the side from exhaustion. Jorm wiped his brow and let out a sigh, drinking a bubbling concoction with a disgusted expression on his face. The stuff tasted foul, but it kept him awake.

The burly dwarf grunted and began to pull mugs as the regulars arrived. For a dwarf, it was never too early for a pint.



New day.
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Re: The Whetstone, Tavern & Inn

Postby Malyuta Skuratov » Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:08 am

As the hour struck night inside The Whetstone.
Not a patron was drinkin', not even Daston.

Jorm had filled the barrels of ale with care,
In hopes that some wino or rummy would soon be there.

The Death Knight was upstairs, lying in rest,
While he dreamed of ripping hearts from people's chests.

And Gurdush dreamt of bashing heads, be they human, dwarf, or Drow,
While the mechanical barkeep happened to open shop just now.

While through the doorway, there came such a crash,
And the barkeep turned his metal face toward whoever was so brash.

It was a young human! Maybe twenty or thirty,
With a garb that was so fine, and not at all dirty.

With a cravat on his breast and a hat on his head,
If anyone looked at him wrong, they would end up dead.

He cracked his knuckles under his gloves of leather,
And he walked into the bar as if he were light as a feather.

When, to everyone's wandering eyes did appear,
He had some tiny cufflinks of teeth that made others leer.

An average-sized man, with disposition lively and quick,
He quietly said to barkeep, "A whiskey on the rocks, ya dick."

He wore a fine three-piece black suit of which had stripes adorned
Its sheer richness could earn the Burgeousie's scorn.

"I've had a rough night," the dapper man said,
"So just gimme my drink, and shut your tin head."

It would be quite amusing if I could continue rhyming,
But I know it's mediocre, and I messed up the timing.

This all has gone on long enough, and of it you're probably sick,
I'll make sure to let it die, before my character is hit with a brick.
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Re: The Whetstone, Tavern & Inn

Postby Sarcose » Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:49 am

OOC: God damnit Mal. It's always something.
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