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City of God: Cyber Front-RP Signup

City of God: Cyber Front-RP Signup

Postby Big P » Wed Sep 05, 2007 3:25 am

Standard Character Submission System





Background: (I want good material folks)


The world is on a crash course with fate. I will allow the Equipment slot to remain empty for now. Said equipment to be posted soon. Go.
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Postby Hetros » Wed Sep 05, 2007 3:58 pm

Been trying to come up with a good background, I thought I had one but the more I look at it the less it makes sense and I keep feeling I need more detail. I'll keep trying, but if I can't get the story to work in a way I like and can make sense of then I won't be participating ^^'.
main problem seems to be getting him to be a leader and still a hacker or something cool like that. I know it's been done before (which may be a bit of my problem) but I still don't like how it meshes.
Anyway, I'll keep working on it and if I can get it to work befor CoG starts I'll post it.
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Postby Azurelite » Wed Sep 05, 2007 4:08 pm

Name: Kurosawa Mizuki (Project: Yes, Mistress)

Faction: Hikari Corp.

-Strength rating 3

Mizuki always has a variety of firearms on her, so that she may carry out her duty with the utmost efficiency. She has on her person at all times, but being at the head of a corporation, she could easily get her hands on most weaponry.
- 2 Fire-Cracker SMG and 10 clips
- Thor Automag and 2 reloads
- HK USP with 3 clips
- Vibro- Katana
- Vibro- Ka-bar Knife


Martial Artist:
Mizuki, having mastered nearly all the Asian martial arts, she has created her own style called "Fighting Maid." In her training she has been undefeated, even against multiply and armed opponents, as it a combination of Mizuki's learnings and put into one perfect 'style'.

Super Soldier:
Mizuki's body was engineered to be superior to the previous soldiers produced by Hikari. As in such she can preform feats that even the regular soldiers could only hope of doing. She doesn't suffer from the huge size involved with the procedure. Her bones are tougher, her body more flexible, increase stamina and everything else that comes with being a super soldier, just in a smaller package.

Tactical Theory Genius:
Having studied the great military minds of the world, Mizuki knows a thing or two about tactics and strategy, even if it is in theory.

Sponge-like Brain:
Instead of being being a genius, Mizuki was engineer with the ability to learn and memorize things almost instantly.

Mizuki was mentally conditioned to act a certain way. She was 'programed' to be a shy, reserve and proper girl while going about her daily life. Her other side is only apparent when Samantha's life is in danger. Though, Samantha can also trigger both mindsets with codewords.


Kurosawa Mizuki, 'Project: Yes, Mistress', is an experimental super-human created in the search for a quicker process of the creation of such other beings. Created under the utmost secrecy in a lab in Tokyo, 'Project: Yes, Mistress' was formulated at the same time as were the plans for Suzuki Samantha and was ordered by the current CEO at the time. The project called for a artificially aged super-soldier, in hopes that the process could be repeated in a mass production scale. 'Project: Yes, Mistress' came to fruit as the CEO had his last breath, a living, breathing, fully functional super-soldier that wasn't genetically altered. The girl that the doctors had created looked a human no less than twenty-three, but was stronger, faster and smarter than any of the current Hikari super-soldiers, in a smaller body also. The project team was skeptical about the girl, was she worth all the time and money spend on creating her? Only time would tell if the half a billion dollars was a well planned investment, but the data that was gathered would for surely be used later one, when soldiers of her quality could be mass produced.

Mizuki had her life set out for her even before she was created, and the instant after he first breath of air, was quickly pushed along this set path. From on the onset Mizuki's life would have been called inhuman, as she went through twenty hour training and lesson days. Her days were spent in grueling training sessions and workouts that would build on her already superior reflexes. Failure or mishaps during her training sessions would result in beatings till she was able complete them perfectly, 100% of the time. The beatings were part of her conditioning, to carry out her work with complete perfection. After finishing her basic training, Mizuki was taught separately by several different martial arts masters. She would quickly master all the arts that the island of Japan had to offer, and several from mainland China. All this was accomplished in a short three years time, but her training wasn't complete, nor was her conditioning. After a short break, the second part of her training began. She would spend two years studying the greatest military minds of the ages, learning from both victories and defeats, reworking their strategies to apply them to the real world. These study lessons would improve her ability in her future position as chief security officer to the Hikari CEO. The problem through, Mizuki has had no real experience commanding troops, being a strategist. The rest of the time spend till Samantha took over Hikari, Mizuki underwent serious mental conditioning. Under strict orders from the former CEO, entirely human agents broke Mizuki and rebuilt her, utterly loyal not to Hikari, but to Samantha. The process took a little over a year, and was proceeded under ?private training? not to raise questions, and in the end Mizuki killed the agents. After the year, Mizuki returned to Hikari, though people wouldn't really notice, but the girl was more timid, and shy after her return. In her final year before being thrust into power, Mizuki went through one last training program, formal maid training.

During her training, any free time she had she spent with Samantha, strengthening their bond till the point it was cemented during her final conditioning. Though the conditioning erased most of her early life of the beatings and mistreatment, they also got rid of the memories of the time she spent with Samantha, but it matter not, since Mizuki was utterly loyal to the other girl. This would hinder a real friendship between the girls, as a servant at ones beck and call is hard to get close too. Mizuki did however carry out all of Samantha?s wishes with a smile. Her life would begin anew as Samantha took control of Hikari for the first time, as Mizuki would finally start doing what she was planned for, and she would be entirely happy doing it.


Age: 6 (All respects is 23)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Japanese
Height: 5"4'
Weight: 314lbs (due to muscle density and such)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Handedness: Both

Mizuki was made to be a perfect human. Her body curvy and her skin silky smooth and free of blemishes. Her jet black hair trails down her back to her waist and is tied in a pony tail in a over-sized white ribbon. Her almond shaped brown eyes compliment her small nose and mouth. Donning her face were small rectangular glasses of a plain design. Down her body, though her shoulders weren't wide, her chest was another thing. Mizuki had above average chest size, combined with her hips and shoulders, they appeared even bigger. During her training, her body and muscles were toned like a rock, even though she didn't look like it, thanks to the genetic engineering.

Mizuki doesn't really have a wardrobe. She has identical maid uniforms. From top to bottom, she wears a white lacy headband, a collared single piece black long sleeved dress that goes past her knees, in which the cuffs and collar are white, a black ribbon goes with the uniform?s collar. Over the dress is a white lacy apron. She wears plain white gloves with her uniform. Plain black thigh high stockings adorn her legs as she walks around in black heels with white straps.
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Postby Big P » Wed Sep 05, 2007 8:15 pm

Azurelite: I looked over your BG beforehand and I find it passable. Keep your character's abilities within reason and all will be well.
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Postby kembaru » Thu Sep 06, 2007 12:53 am

This is how you have a hacker leader. Admittedly it's late night ramblings and I only went over and fluffed it up once, so it's not my best work

Name: Jar'edo Wens.
Aliases: Arael Carcer, Johnathan Tucker, Nakimoto Yukio, etc etc etc
Age: 32

Faction(s): 'A.R.M', Godview Information Cartel,

Equipment: Jar'edo's weapon of choice is a cyberbrain presented to him for work on the cyberbrain project, new improved parts have been traded from black market sources for hardware and Jar'edo writes his own programming to epitomise hacking and electronic espionage ability.

Outside of his own head, Jar'edo and his more trustworthy subordinates utilise a re-fitted, customised and upgraded information network claimed from the offices of a multitude of Australia's intelligence agencies (ASIO, ASIS, AFIAA etc etc etc) when the capitol was reclaimed. Although Arael rarely ever personally enters combat he does own a suit of wolf spider power armor as well as a PAW 4-7 SMG that has been linked to fire correction systems in his cyberbrain, as such he's a good shot if he needs to be.

Arael uses a wide variety of androids and cyborgs for various reasons. Androids smuggled in through the pacific islands from china are modified and used as body doubles or despensible suicide bombers, however there are only two types of cyborgs he uses: Hired ones that kill for cold hard marks, and more rarely ghosthacked and mindwiped ones that he uses for his own personal security, little is known about the 'redbacks' who are rumoured to be Arael's personal guards.
Ghost Hacking.
Regular Hacking.
Administration and Organisational skills.

Jar'edo Wens was born in 1979 in the western suburbs of Sydney Australia, the lovechild of an upper class man who he never knew, and an indigenous woman who he knew little better as the years went on. At an early age his mother was admitted to rehab for alcohol abuse and the infant Jar'edo was made a ward of the state, spending much of his early years in the sort of orphanage where the kids would entertain themselves by licking the lead painted walls.

He was six when he was adopted into a more prosperous family, a quiet young boy who was taken in to the home of a young barren couple who had wished for children, of course they were young and stupid. Renamed for the sake of fitting in, Jar'edo found the name for his first alias when his good christian foster parents dubbed him 'Arael' and summarily neglected him for the next few years of his life.

Jar'edo, then Arael, more or less grew up on his own, his parents paid for his food and clothes, but the rest was up to him to do by himself. A bright and poor child he found his way into the fancier schools by way of hard work and cutthroat competetiveness, earning trophies and scholarships with hardly a nod of congratulations from his uncaring guardians. He worked, ate and slept as he would, living on his own as soon as the option was viable and getting through life the hard way for a poor 'abbo' child with a funny name.

Never the less, years later he found himself graduating with a doctorate in computer sciences with a promising career ahead of him. At the age of 26 Arael Carcer shipped himself off to america where he was to spend the next two years on the Mark project for the up and coming Macrogate Computers company, designing theoretical software that he found to be slightly amoral when it came to privacy issues. The offer of protection in exchange for freedom of movement wasn't his thing, but the paychecks were fat and the work was honest since it hadn't been cleared yet.

It was just a theory for now, and when the system was finished Arael himself locked the hardcopies of the files into a vault where he was almost certain he'd never see it again, and sure enough the prospects of the Cyberbrain project in conjunction with Gehenna enterprises started in 2008 completely overshadowed the older less moral projects of Macrogate, and for a few years Arael and the rest of the team were heralded as pioneers in the cybernetics field, Macrogate developing the miniaturised technology, Gehenna developing the interface between flesh and machine.

However this didn't really last. When the first production models rolled off the lines of Gehenna, Arael was presented with one of the first cyberbrains created as reward and told to head down to the old vault, as America and Europe were interested in the Mark. Gehenna was researching the chips neccessary.

Two weeks later Arael was stricken from the payroll of Macrogate for raising objections as to the morality behind the system, and in one of the last truly decent acts of a free court Arael was awarded with a big fat unfair dismissal settlement and jetted his way back to his homeland, taking back his old name partially for pride and partially for security reasons as the situation in south america was looking grim at this point.

Little is known of the actions of Jar'edo Wens from this point in time. his settlement money was invested and his finances were secured, and as the Mark system creeped into the eastern regions he almost disappeared alltogether, even with the Mark implanted in his right hand he was nigh impossible to trace, Jar'edo was a silent man who lived in some shithole abandoned mining town that he'd bought and restored with strange funds that were untraceable.

Arael Carcer however was becoming nigh infamous across the entire eastern hemisphere, as Hikari, X Inc and Gehenna enterprises spread their grip, so too did these three need to have dirty dealings done. The Godview was born early in 2010, and after a handful of months in business was nearly netting millions in the name of tracking down those who had done no wrong by governing law, merely going against the interests of these three corporations. Over the years Jar'edo managed to set up legitimate papers for both identities he went under. Jar'edo the technician who worked for farmers, and the mysterious Arael.

Arael Carcer was a man who lived elsewhere, and somewhere along the way became an enigma in himself as he stalwartly stood by the corporations as they funded Jar'edo Wens' interests with untraceable dirty transactions. While being sighted all over Asia and the South pacific. However Jar'edo was just a man, and as far as Gehenna knew wasn't important at all as the original squabble over land rights flared and ended in bloodshed as Gehenna cyborgs marched across the red soils of Australia. Jar'edo was declared dead when he was supposedly taken out back of his home and shot.

At the founding of the Aboriginal Revolutionary Movement, the funding of the Godview cartel supplied mercenaries from the surrounding regions, and the legends started when the battle for Australia's national capitol culminated with a news satellite beginning re-entry and hitting the regional headquarters of Gehenna in Canberra right on the mark.

Funded by the Godview, the A.R.M made itself known, and since then the name of Jar'edo Wens, a man named for a god of earthly wisdom and physical might has become something akin to a guardian angel to the people of the South Pacific, never seen, but always felt. Any and all record of the man's existence as anything but Arael Carcer were wiped out from every record known, and apart from those that might have met him, any information publicly known was if anything leaked by Jar'edo himself and likely false anyway.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 166 lbs
Eye Color: Black (very dark brown)
Hair Color: Black.

Although for the most part no one knows what he looks like, for those people who lurk around the old parliament house Jar'edo is a reasonably common sight, although they might not know who he is. A tall and reasonably well built man with broad shoulders, Jar'edo for the most part is quite handsome, his features are finer due to mixed blood but he wears his birthname proudly, his hair is a mop of slightly greasy black curls that go midway down his neck and he has allowed himself the luxury of a small beard, giving him a slightly neglected look. Jar'edo bears a tattoo of a black snake circling around his right wrist.
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Postby Big P » Thu Sep 06, 2007 4:52 am

Kem: Approved. Might not be your best work but its the best I've seen so far in here.
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Postby Gelorn » Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:01 am

Hope this is fine

Name: William Knight

Faction: Black Contractors

Equipment: (Gear personally owned by William. Black contractors do supply its men with better then basic weaponry and equipment but anything better has to be bought and maintained out of a persons own pocket.)
-Moddified Wolf Spider Tactical Armour with inbuilt single shot self load crossbow launchers that fire crossbow bolts that emit a short and quick electronic discharge apon impact.
-An Intervention Rifle
-Five-seveN handgun
-Maghook with 200 feet cable
-PAW 4-7
-Other military gear including GPS systems, grenades, handcuffs, bodybags and a blowtorch.

Skills: Basic Machinery and electronics knowledge
Master/Ruthless onfield tactician
exstensive military knowledge and law

Background: Born in a military family William was spoon fed patroitism and pride for his contry from birth, always being told what the government does is right and for the people of America. Whilst growing up he attended school regually and stayed away from the bad crowds as he excelled in sport thanks to natural quick reflexes and the ability to quickly asses situations calmly whilst keeping his grades just above average.

Finishing high school William, with the blessing of his parents, went straight into the Army joining as a marine. From there he showed his true skill as he absorbed everything given to him with ease quickly showing promise to those always on the lookout for natural tallent to become specialists. After 2 years as a marine William was asked to become a commando. Spending another year as a commando William started showing another tallent to which his supperiors were even more happy about, field command.

Deciding that William could become officer material he was offered to attend a military colledge where he would learn field tactics and team management. Again William gave it all he could, more focused on this kind of study rather then his school work, something his parents didnt complain about, and graduated from the colledge as a leutenant and getting his own squad of soldiers to kick around.

Even after spending a year showing his skill in commanding a squad on the field he continued showing promise, continuing to excell and improve. At the age of 22 it was clear even to the soldiers that followed him that his tallents as a army commando leutenant were waisted and on Williams 23rd birthday was invited to join the Delta force as a captain, America's finest. Estatic at this chance of glory William didnt hesitate and asked to be transfered on the same day.

After several months of training and familiarising on how the Detla's work Willam started active service as a Captain with a squad of deadly commando's at his command. However at this time the world had changed from the world that his father descibed him and his job as a soldier was no longer just protecting his country, it now meant being hired out by corperations, the people who were now truley in charge of the world, to do their dirty work whilst on American soil. At first William didnt complain as most of his jobs involved taking out drug chains or a not so legit rival company and thus passed it off as doing his duty to his country, even if someone else was paying the government or army for their work.

However, as the years went by and the jobs intensified Knight found himself pointing his gun at civillians opposed of armed terrorists. The reasons never told to William or his team nor what their targets were doing to invoke this kind of termination, the orders were always clear a site and return. At first William did as he always did, followed orders, but the constant killing of civilians was getting to him but not in the way most would think.

At the age of 27 William got into a heated fight with his supperiors about his pay and the missions he was doing. He knew his team was being hired out by others through the American Government and had asked that for every mission which he had to kill targets who were not threating national security that he and his team get paid commison. Shocked by what was asked of them William was lucky not to get discharged on the spot and instead spent several months in solitary confinement as punishment. After his punishment however Williams supperiors got his papers saying that he was resigning.

His parents outraged that he would leave being a Delta William was shunned by his parents and most of his family. Yet this did not unsettle him in the least as he rented an appartment and kept up his fitness as he wondered what to do next. In the next two months William recieved an unexpected letter, the sender being the organiser of the mercinary group known as the Black Contractors asking if he wanted to join them.

The next day Willam went to the interview with the mercinary group. After a several hour discussion between the interviewer board and himself William signed himself on as a Field commander for the Black Contractors and after several weeks of familiarising himself with his surrounding he started to go on missions once again. To William the missions were the same as the ones he got in the later years of his work as a Delta, however unlike in the time in the army William was told everything about the missions he went on, who the targets are and why they had to be taken out. To this William responded on the field with tactics thought cold blooded and ruthless even by tacticians in rebel groups. It didnt matter who the target was or who was in the way was innocent or had no involvment what so ever Knights teams under his guidance ripped a path to their targets with ruthless automatic fire. It was through these tactics that William got his nickname or 'callsign'. 'Demon'for most people said after seeing WIlliam and his teams in action that no human could employ such heartless tactics.

Now 32 William 'Demon' Knight is showing no sign of slowing down in his millitary rampage, and most likely never will as long as there is someone willing to hire him and his teams of cold blooded killers.

Description: Stands 6'2" and weighs 84 kilo's of muscle. Age 32 with dark brown hair and light green eyes. His body has several scars from a few bullets and knifes throughout his career on his torso and legs. If he had looked after his complexion he could of become rather handsome, but after torturous training, physical enhancements and the wear from seeing action he looks now rugged and cold hearted. On his left biset he has a tatoo of the delta's and on his right a tatoo of the black contractors, both which he wears with pride.

Edit: Equipment added
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Postby Big P » Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:13 am

Gelorn: Looking good. Consider yourself in.

And now equipment specs:

The Weight grade and Recoil grade (WG & RG respectively) represent how heavy the weapon is, and how much recoil it has. this is the extent of the system, to prevent any silliness like 12 year old girls duel weilding assault rifles or shot guns.

The Result is simple, Items that are one grade over your strength grade Must be weilded two handed, Items that are two grade over, one in each, You must have propped up or in prone to use. If they are two grade over in Weight you just simply can't carry them. If they are two grade over in recoil, you hurt yourself when ever you fire the weapon. Strength grades are as follows, 1 is your average soldier, very physically fit all around. 2 is some one who is either slightly augmented or Naturally big. 3 is the epitome of strength any human, fully augemented by cybernetics or the heaviest level of genetic engineering, can reach. Your strength grade is only used to figure out what weapons you can use and how you can use them.

Side Arms:
A Hybrid magrail Pistole, it holds a impressive clip of 20 caseless 4.7x13mm full metal jacket rounds, the barrel is longer, and heavier due to the Magnetic rail aswell as hefty battery to power it. Peirces Civilian and police grade body armor, and light grades of cyborgnetic armor without fail at ranges up to 300 yards. can penetrate standard issue military body armor at the weak points (not the chest)
It also has a hefty price tag at $5,000 a pop.
It is Highly accurate, and a low recoil weapon, but significantly heavier then your average pistol
WG: 1
RG: 1

Thor Automag
Largely lauded as an unncessary fire arm, but many Cyborgs and generally large people enjoy the weapon. Designed like a revolver only in look, it holds a small cylindric magazine between the barrel and the faux firing pin. It has a heavy 8 inch barrel and uses what in this day and age a large calibur round, at 9mm. It has a small battery, and a large magnetic rail and electromagnetic recharge coil. despite it's obvious primative design, which could be used to fascilitate better recoil management, aswell as weight management. It was produced to appease the fans of 'heavy fire power in your palm' due to it's aim at consumers, it has a lighter price tag then most weapons, and is readily available for only $1,000

It holds 15 shots.
It will Penetrate up to medium body armor (slightly heavier then standard issue military) including that belonging to cyborgs. It is highly accurate, but has one hellova kick.

WG: 2
RG: 3

Fire-Cracker SMG
The Firecracker SMG is a popular and highly Illegal weapon, Made to be as light weight as possible, and as lethal as possible. it has an advanced recoil and counterweight system similiar to the Super Kryss V. this means that even with the larger 4.7x25mm caseless ammunition and full auto fire, it maintains a very managable recoil. It isn't very accurate, how ever it is hard hitting, able to punch through as much as military standard issue body armor at 200 yards. it has a high capacity Helix clip that holds 100 rounds. It also has a small tendency to jam.

The Firecracker is highly illegal in civilian hands, as such not only does it require black market contacts, but a large amount of cash or favors owed.


Long Arms

PAW 4-7
The Personal assault weapon is a compact SMG, not to easy to conceal but still light, quick, and effective. usin the same round as the SDP 4-7 but with an enlonged and more powerful magrail and a effective recharge coil, it giving it a higher range, and armor penetration ability then the SDP 4-7 that it is paired with. Able to penetrate all armor below medium, aswell as puncture the weak spots of medium armor at ranges up to 500 yards away, in small bursts it retains 1.5MOA accuracy, which translates to 7.5 inch groupings. at maximum armor penetration range, full auto is another story entirely.


Intervention Rifle
The General main long arm of the More up to date armies, a 5.62x45mm with a long rail and recharge coil, impressive in power, rate of fire and capacity. It is capable of puncturing all medium armor aswell as Weak points in heavy armor. Light vehicle armor aswell. The Invention rifle is by all means a Assault rifle, keeping a tight grouping, and low recoil it can also be used as a medium range sniper rifle. It has a large capacity to bolster it, it is also quite heavy.


This Sniper Rifle Makes use of an impressive Electromagnetic coil, aswell as Powerful cartidge and a APFSDS Dart. Essentially a Upgrade of the already impressive Steyr IWS 2000. Given the fins, the 15mm Calibur, and the obscene Flight speed of this bolt action rifle's dart, it has an extremely flat trajectory, High Accuracy, and one Hell of a punch. The Only Rifle capable of Penetrating the weak spots in Blitzkrieg Mobile Armor. It costs a pretty penny, and is quiet weighty.


The Mechanized Assault Weapon, a heavy duty Weapon for heavy duty Support, along the lines of the MG 42 of the Future, High Cyclical Rate of Fire, Large Caliber, and Accuracy rating controlled by a small dial. It can go from supremely accurate for a HEavy Machine gun, to the full spread for better suppressive Fire capabilities. It is infact a small anti-vehicle and combat cyborg weapon, capable of tearing through most all light vehicle armors, aswell as a few medium grade.It is how ever, Very heavy, and with one hell of a recoil, even the Augemented troops need to Mount this weapon or use it in prone position.


The name taken from thor's hammer, it is aptly named, a new breed of Shoulder Mounted Missile Launchers.
It uses a three staged warhead. The First stage Softens up the armor with a Shaped charge hitting the armor, the Second stage Proppels a Massive Tungston sabbot in through the soften armor, and the third stage Detonates the Sabot, not only sending extreme amounts of pressure through out the internal mechanisms of the Target, but a large amount of Shrapnel aswell.


Power armor and Mobile Armor

Ant Power armor
Standard issue Light Power armor, it consists plates bound to an infrastructure of servos to create Augmented strength while Supply light armor. when Standard Issue Military body armor is mentioned, this is more or less it. Few armies use anything less then Ant Power armor. Ant power armor Mainly protects vitals and other areas with static plates, while giving the wearing a additional grade of strength. It's main advantage, is that it's cheap and easy to obtain at surplus stores and on the black market, or even from direct military contacts if you have them.

Wolf Spider Tactical Armor.
The Not so standard Issue Medium body armor. It's more expensive so it is generally only given to Special forces. it provides far better protection then the Ant Power armor, and is Hermatically sealed, though without a Gas-mask of sorts would it do any good against biological agents. there is a simplier varient for combat prosthetics that have such features built in. Needless to say it provides the same bonus to strength that ant-power armor does, only with the added benefits of Improved grip, and other various gadgets and impliments for scaling buildings and other unorthodox travel methods.
Enables Spider like climbing.

Scarab Power Armor.
Unlike the wolfspider or the Ant, the Scarab is bonafied Power armor, hosting it's own strength score for the wearer. It is considered Heavy armor, and Boasts Four Hard points for Weapons, Two on the back on swivvel mounts, and one on each arm that still keeps the hands free.
Generally, Any one wearing this armor is on par in with Heavy combat prosthetics in armor, and surpasses them in strength. Considered Light vehicular armor.

4th Calvary Brigade Heavy suits
In the Line of the Scarab Power armor, only instead of being mechanized suit, it is more along the lines of a Marine Power loader, with armor and Weapons. Able To carry a heavier load out, and weighing in at 20,000lbs and able to load out an additional 7,500lbs in weaponry.
It 5 Hard points, Two on each arm and One on the back to make use of a heavy weapon. Considered Medium vehicular armor
BlitzKrieg Mobile Armor
The Smallest of the Mini-mechs, Making use of Built in wheels on the feet and a complex balancing algorythm it is mobile, lethal, and Hostile. Suited for an entirely larger grade of weapons. Unlike the Power armor, it does not move with the user, it must be piloted and takes training and a license to use. Mobile Armor of All grades take a large amount of maintainence by trained proffessionals, as such no singular individual owns one, they may belong in the Armory of a Militia, corperate army, and in even larger number national armies.

these mechs only have 2 hard points, both on the back, and hands meant to carry the upsized arments made specifically for Mobile Armor.
Considered a heavy Vehicular armor.


Behemoth Mobile Armor
The Biggest Of the Mobile armor, Standing at 15ft tall it dwarfs the battle field, raining down death and shrugging off most ordinance that can be fired at it. A nightmare on four Legs. Equiped with Small caliber anti-missile defense systems, aswell as four Hard points for weapons, One on each arm, two on the back, and the same open hands to use more weaponry.
Due to the advanced Nature of these, you won't own one, and god forbid you have to fight one.
Considered OMGWTFUXBBQ Armor.

Melee Weapons

Vibroblades: Any number of finely engineered microserrating Sonic vibration blade. they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and uses. The best bet any one unaugmented has against some one in power armor of cybernetic prosthetic bodies. able to cut through most metals with work.

Power Blades: Power blades are available only to people with the audacity to get them bionically implanted, or with a Prosthetic arm. Power blades are two simple Tungston blades, they push forward for an effective forward thrust, and then with their pneumatic power source spread out. they once more can come back together for a devastating scissor attack. this weapon can penetrate through more armors, and easily destroy weapons. Sizes Vary.

Possible change in the future
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Postby korokage » Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:29 am

my back ground isn't done so i was hoping that i could secure a place holder.
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Postby Big P » Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:44 am

korokage wrote:my back ground isn't done so i was hoping that i could secure a place holder.

For what faction?
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Postby Korbin » Fri Sep 07, 2007 3:54 am

I'm still iffy on the overall method of victory as each of the main groups seem to be interested in diffrent, but not always conflicting or even cross involved, goals. Unit structure wise I have ideas, but not sure if it's viable given the world setting. More on methods of win/goals of the factions please.
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Postby korokage » Fri Sep 07, 2007 11:20 am

Big P wrote:
korokage wrote:my back ground isn't done so i was hoping that i could secure a place holder.

For what faction?

Global Logistics.
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Postby Jer'tai Wraithblade » Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:00 pm

Placeholder- running the African rebel forces
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Postby Big P » Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:15 pm

Given that people have already previously made claims to said factions, it will be a first come, first serve basis for all remaining ones.
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Postby HavocHamster » Mon Sep 10, 2007 4:36 am

Samantha Suzuki

Faction: Hikari Corporation

-Vial containing Nanite colony
-Sauer P226 (9mm handgun)
-Tanto (Regular ol' Steel Knife)
-Protective Shirt with carbon nanofibre plates sewn over vital locations (chest and abdomen).
-Cyberbrain with Wi-Fi connection
-Glasses containing HUD with visual feed from Cyberbrain
-Right eye replaced with a cybernetic eye containing a miniaturized scanner . Can be used to spot hidden weapons and such through clothing, but not through metal. Cannot see through walls.

Nanite Manipulation: Samantha can mentally control a nanite colony at a range of up to 50 meters. The Nanites can be used to reassemble or disassemble any matter at a molecular level. Thus, it can be used to heal wounds and repair structural damage, or it can be used to dissolve physical obstacles like walls and people.

Samantha is the end result of a series of genetic experiments to expand the borders of human understanding. Her exact IQ is unknown, as none of the current tests availiable could possible gauge hers. Although her superior intelligence grants her an excellent sense of strategy and tactics, her true purpose is in the field of speculative research such as the advanced quantum physics sorrounding nanotechnology and truly advanced genetic engineering. In game terms, she's one of, if not the greatest scientist in the world.


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